WORKING FOR INSTACART + how to get paid to shop!



Hi! Instacart Shop with me! Well, sign up with me! In this video, we go through the steps it takes to sign up to be an Instacart Shopper + in my case, go through the notions of reactivating my account — this video is good for you if you’ve gotten deactivated on Instacart, because we find out how to reactivate our account + get to shopping. Instacart is an app where customers order groceries (much like DoorDash but instead of ‘hot food from restaurants’, Instacart Shoppers deliver groceries like produce, pantry items, dairy, beauty + other items to your door! You all told me to test out and review Instacart, so here we go… how to sign up for Instacart!

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♡ GetUpside | Earn 15¢/gal cash back on gas:
♡ Ibotta | Get $10 and earn money on groceries:
♡ Poshmark | Save $5 to shop my closet:

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