Work From Home Jobs With No Experience Needed 2020! Stay Home And Work!

Work From Home Jobs With No Experience Needed 2020! Stay Home And Work!


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Nver have I ever worked from home in my PJs hey there welcome back to my channel this is living delightful freedom and I am Delania so in this video, I’m gonna show you some work at home jobs that you can start without experience in 2020 that’s right you can get paid to stay home and work in your PJs but before we get into it if you like videos about making money online working from home and entrepreneurship then go ahead and subscribe to the channel tap the Bell notification down below so that you know when I post a new video right my friends so let’s get right into it I have a list for you head net work from home jobs that you can start without experience in 2020 so number one is a customer service representative as a customer service rep you get paid to result issues and answer questions about the company that you’re working for so this is going to require you to have a lot of knowledge about the company you’re working for you also have to make sure that you have all of the resources that you need to help the customer out this is one of the most popular jobs on the internet customer service representatives and there are companies that do not need any previous experience for you to get started with customer service so there is a good one for you to get started with so this is definitely number one on my list because it’s a really good job to get started with online in general because it’s in high demand and because businesses know the value of having an actual person answer the phone to speak to customers businesses know that customers do not want to speak to robots they want to speak to live people for this job you usually just need a high school diploma some basic communication skills you also need some organizational skills and things like that some of the companies that are often hiring our next rep comm sites calm and LiveOps comm number two is an online moderator now this is a very tree-level job you will be mostly in charge of online communities like Facebook groups community forums anything that involves an online community or a specific group or specific company or business and for this job you definitely need some organization skills and basic communication skills as well you also need to get very familiar with the company’s requirements and what they want from you one of the companies that actually hires online moderators is called mod squad at mock squad comm number three is a search engine evaluator this is a very basic and straightforward job if you already know how to use the internet and search on Google so basically you’ve been searching on the internet for a while you know how to search on bing Google or Yahoo then you can basically do this job it’s pretty easy you’ll be given some search terms and search phrases and all you have to do is give your feedback on the results that come up are the results relevant you sometimes have to rate them from one through five let’s say you also have to make sure the results are accurate and useful so you’re making pretty simple google searches and giving your feedback about what you find now some of the companies that hire for this are lion bridge comm eye soft stone and the pay is typically between twelve and fifteen dollars per hour depending on the company they all vary pardon the interruption but if you’re enjoying the content so far make sure that you are smashing that subscribe button liking this video and now we will continue number four is a translation job if you speak more than one language you can offer your services as an interpreter and you can earn some extra cash online this way this is a great way if you do speak fluently more than one language and this is great for you because you can make really good money doing this there are some platforms like google translate but for more companies and individuals actually want a real person to translate and they’re willing hire someone like you because again these businesses and individuals are aware of how important it is to hire a real person not a computer so translation services are really awesome companies that are usually hiring for translation are FM comm Ganga comm verbalize it calm day translations comm and language and you also have the opportunity to freelance as a translator on or freelancer comm or any other freelancer website of your choice the fifth one is data entry they’re pretty much doing the same thing it’s very basic you don’t need to use your brain a lot but data entry is actually something easy that you can start doing online if you’re a beginner so this is very basic and routine job you pretty much are doing the same thing every day you need to know how to read you need to know how to type and you also need to know how to input information from one place to another the only thing about data entry is that some of these jobs are very low paying that are online but if you are just getting started and you’ll take anything just to get yourself accustom to working from home and working online at the data entry is a good one for you some of the companies that hire data entry clerks are Amazon Mechanical Turk clickworker com or you can also do data entry as a freelancer on up work real a socom or any other freelancing website of your choice number six is online tutoring online tutoring is a really great one because you actually get paid really good money even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree some of the companies that do hire for tutoring do require you to have a bachelor’s degree but some of them do not now you can get paid about $22 per hour now some of the tutoring websites that do require you to have a bachelor’s degree VIP kid comm queue kits comm and magic ears now if you don’t have a degree you just have a favorite subject that you know you can teach online you can try check tutors comm or prep lis calm you can make about $20 per hour with check it can also tutor in a language on I talk EECOM or cambly comm number seven is chat support agents these chat support jobs have become very popular in the past few years people like communicating with an actual person instead of a robot or a machine and businesses do understand that you would be helping customers with their needs just like a customer service representative that’s on the phone but you would just be basically just chatting with them online and of course you need knowledge of the products and services that the company offers they also need to know how to type a certain amount of words per minute it all depends on the company and some of the companies where you can find jobs our needle needle comm the chat shop comm and also site staff comm slash careers next is test scoring there are tons of standardized tests every single year and they actually need online graders and testers to do this job this is actually a very easy very basic job it does require you to have a bachelor’s degree and just know some basic computer skills this is a very easy job you’re just grading papers…

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