Transcription Jobs That Pay $950 Weekly To Work From Home

Transcription Jobs That Pay $950 Weekly To Work From Home

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WHAT IS A TRANSCRIPTIONIST? – A Transcriptionist listens to audio or Audio Video recording and transcribes or types the dictation using a word processing program. Basically you type up what you hear and you get paid $$$ for it.

I have personally researched these 5 sites and if you are looking to work from home and make money online then become a transcriptionist and earn really good money I highly recommend watching this video as it will help you.

All these sites will teach you how to become a transcriptionist and advise you what you need to get started. The more you work and the better you get the more you will earn and get offered better transcription jobs such as Medical transcription services that pay a lot more money.
All these sites also offer transcription jobs for beginners so don’t be afraid to apply as they all provide training.

The Sites I have researched are,

888typeitup – Transcription Jobs only open to US residents and they hire both experienced and beginner transcriptionists. They pay between $18-$36 per hour twice a month pay via PayPal. They will also teach you how to become a transcriptionist and they offer a heap of transcription Jobs.

transcribeme – Transcription Jobs available globally and typically pays $20 per audio hour. Little to no experience is required. You will be paid via PayPal. Some of there Transcriptionists earn $2200 monthly.

scribie – Transcription Jobs available globally and pays $10 per audio hour. Little to No Experience is Needed. Pays via PayPal once your work is reviewed.

dailytranscription – This company provide legal, corporate and entertainment transcription jobs. They do not always have work but they give transcribers 24 hours to complete assignments. The company will hire all level transcribers including beginners.

gotranscript – Great company that offers various transcription and data entry jobs. You will be considered a freelancer and take advantage of the flexibility. PayPal payments only and you are paid weekly. Both full and part time transcription Jobs are available.

Check out these 5 sites and start your transcribing job today. Let me know how you went by leaving me quick comment below.

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However and it’s all here again from smarty Tactics welcome back to my channel today in this video I’m gonna show you high paying transcription jobs paying between two hundred and fifty dollars and nine hundred and fifty dollars weekly the benefits of these jobs and these websites is that you don’t need any experience to start they are world wide transcription jobs you get freedom and flexibility to what the hours that you want the days that you want you get paid weekly with these transcription jobs which is fantastic so money is rolling in every single week and they also provide you with full training and coaching to ensure your longevity and to ensure that you continue making money with these sites for those of you that don’t know me my name is I love got a YouTube channel called smart many tactics I’ve come up with videos pretty much every single day to show you guys how to make money online so if you want to get more of these videos make sure you hit that subscribe button and the blog notification so you can notified every time I come out with a new video and if you want my number one recommendation of how I’m making a full time passive income online then hit the link in my description and will take you straight there so you can have a look at that for your source alright with that being said guys let’s get straight into this video the first site that I want to show you where you can go to get transcription jobs for beginners as well is a site called transcribe me now this site as you can see is one of the top top rated best work from home sites online okay so they offer opportunity to be part of a unique community at one of the best transcription companies and create obviously a fantastic career for yourselves on these site guys it is a reputable site as you can see it’s been recommended by a few different companies out there so you know it’s reputable and you know you’re not you’re gonna make sure that you’re going to make money on this side okay guys so what they offer so they pay more than anyone walk I’m gonna have to say that there’s a lot of sites out there that claim that they pay more than anyone okay so and then we’re very transparent I’m gonna show you exactly what all these sites pay so make sure you watch this entire video to find out how much the other side’s pay I have seen a couple of other sites that pay a little bit more than this so keep watching this video because there’s one site that pays an amazing amount of money okay but with this particular site transcribed me for their transcription jobs they pay between fifteen and twenty two dollars per audio hour now what that means is transcribing is basically getting an audio file and then all you need to do is listen to that audio file and then you put it down onto paper okay now fifteen to twenty dollars per audio hour means that it could take you anything two three four hours depending on your experience to actually transcribe that onto a file but the faster you are the better you get the quicker you are then obviously you can do that a lot quicker and make a lot more money I have to say that I have found other sites are paying more than is so keep watching this video so you can see exactly how much you can make but they’re top monthly earners are earning up to twenty two hundred dollars per month which is us which is fantastic money and the average earning is two hundred fifty dollars which is still fantastic okay guys so as you can see with this site you’ve got growth and learning opportunities which is fantastic so if you’re new to this you’ve got an opportunity to start with this company and obviously develop your skills once you develop your skills you can go into medical transcription law transcription and then you can earn even more money alright guys so no experience or upfront investment required in this company okay that’s fantastic so for for transcription jobs for beginners if you’re starting out you don’t want to be paying upfront so if you’re looking for transcription jobs that’s a fantastic perk to have okay guys so they’ve got freedom and flexibility okay so work from the comfort of your own home whenever you want and how much you want transcribe short one to two minute clips not long interviews and when complete their system sends another micro task to transcribe so the fantastic thing about this site is they’ll send you short clips which is great because there you can get them done really really quickly and then get paid for that work okay guys so a fantastic way to start your transcription jobs career now if you go into here and you click onto fa Q’s you’ve got frequently asked questions how does it work I definitely recommend if you new to transcription jobs that you go through all this it basically explains exactly what you need to do it tells you how you need to join transcribe me so I definitely recommend you go through all that and then it also asks do you need any special equipment you don’t but you need to obviously have the ability to speak good English and obviously Royal English and weak that you need to have a reliable internet connection and a computer and this is much pretty pretty much industry standard across all these sites alright so and obviously is there any fees involved in this absolutely not and then all you need to do from here is a register to transcribe me and apply it for these transcription jobs ok guys so what we’ll do now is we’ll get onto the next site that has a transcription and jobs a for beginners ok and that site is called 1-800 typing okay now this is another fantastic site and another site that has transcription jobs for beginners but also another one that claims that they pay really good money I’ll have to agree with these guys that they actually do pay good money but I want to be transparent and say that you need to get better at these sites I would personally recommend that you register for all these sites and pick the one that you feel is best for you and obviously you’ll get a lot more jobs away alright so again like the other one all you need to do is it pretty much tells you click on begin a download on their website and enjoy so if you scroll down here there’s the apply button and that’s how you register for this site but I’ll show you quickly you can see here they’re hiring status so we are currently hiring and last updated on Thursday March 28 2019 here now it’s a third of April in Australia so you can see that they’re obviously hiring regulating ok so if we scroll down here if you can see here there’s somebody who’s just posted get paid five hundred eighty nine dollars daily online just four hours work from home so they do have people putting on their exactly how much they vent so transcription pay rate this is what everybody is interested in a case so with this site it says the number one most frequently asked question by applicants is how much do you pay so although our folk is on quality and accuracy they understand the practicality of knowing whether our transcription is work will be worthwhile so they’re transcriptionists make between thirty and a hundred and eighty dollars per audio hour now a hundred eighty dollars per audio hour is a lot of money it doesn’t matter how you look at it because even if you were to break that up into a few hours I mean even if you break it up into four hours it’s still forty-five dollars an hour say it’s really really good money so if you took you four hours to transcribe one of those audio hours you will be making excuse me really really good money so if you scroll down here as well what I really like about this site and what I really like about the way they pay for their transcription jobs is the fact that they’re actually fighting the industry award and the standard to increase how much people are getting paid for these transcription jobs so you can see that’s why they’re transcriptionists wage of thirty two hundred eighty dollars per hour fast surpasses that of their competitors who only pay between ten and twenty four dollars per audio hour so that’s that’s a fantastic thing now with trans with the 1-800 type it up they actually do charge for their exam fee now you do need to go in and you need to do an exam if you’re a beginner in this I recommend that you do a couple of the other sites before you get onto this one it’s not that difficult to pass but I recommend getting experience before getting onto this job because it is $39 and once you get a little bit more experience you can go and get on here and start making some really good money with these transcription jobs okay so if you’re thinking about how to become a transcriptionist definitely maybe start off with one of the other sites that offer training and coaching and training and then get onto this site a really good thing about this as well is that it is open to international applicants it’s worldwide okay so as I said at the start of the video this is available worldwide and obviously they pay via PayPal directly into your bank account Western Union or Payoneer alright so to all my international viewers out there definitely you have to work on this site it tells you what the required equipment is okay guys so obviously go through this familiarize yourself with what you need and then sign up and start getting jobs on here as a transcriptionist and start making some really really good money okay so that was one 800 type it up I’ll have links in the video I’m in my description of all these websites ok guys so the next site that I want to show you is called scribe II now scribe II is another fantastic transcription services where you can go on to find transcription jobs the best part about this as well is they have transcription jobs for beginners okay and if you have a look here you can scroll down to heaven overview they talked about the introduction it’s exactly the same as the other sides but what I like about this if you go and have a look it basically says that they pay between five and twenty five dollars per audio our US dollar so again some really really good money to be made it’s home based jobs and work at your own convenience so you can work from home make money online in your own time okay and as you can see again they pay via paper and they pay through other forms as walked directly into your account so it’s a fantastic site to get onto now what I really like about this site as well so verified by paper it basically tells you the transcription process of what you’ll be required to do so definitely go on here familiarize yourself it tells you exactly what you need to do so I really like about it like this about that so again they pay between five and twenty five dollars per audio hour so when you break that down so we pay by audio hour and not just the actual time spent working on it the payment for six minute file there for can vary from fifty cents to two dollars now a six minute audio file doesn’t seem like much but it can six minutes of somebody speaking can be quite long for you to transcribe so just keep that in mind when you think about what site you want to go and need to get some transcription jobs okay a good thing about this as well is they actually pay a monthly bonus so they pay five dollars for every three hours completed each month okay so if you complete six hours you get $10 if you can play 12 hours you get an additional 20 dollars okay so why not it’s a bonus and obviously you can make a little bit more money they’ve got a referral an affiliate program if you want to recommend ascribe it to any other people out there that you know you can earn some money that way as well okay so fantastic site to get on to I really like scribing just like the other two that I’ve mentioned we’ll get onto the next slide that has transcription jobs but definitely recommend recommend this one and I definitely recommend that you sign up for this one as well okay so the next site that I want to show you there you can get transcription jobs for beginners as well it’s called daily transcription okay so basically join the daily transcription team I’ll go over here and quickly go through this site with you is also interested in a transcriptionist career so they’re excited that you’re interested in one of their opening daily transcriptionists provide services to entertainment corporate and legal industries as well as academic institution so benefits of working with a daily transcription so I really like this because it tells you that it’s flexible create your own schedule work where and whenever you want which is great assignments come to you paid weekly okay guys and again they’re saying they pay higher rates than their competitors Rev transcribing scribe e and many more starting rates are at point 75 cents to 85 cents per audio minute okay guys so do the massive your times up by 6 deal – exactly how much you can be earning per audio hour working with these transcription jobs so you can spend more time with your family while you earn extra income for your household and they don’t guarantee a specific amount of work per day per week but out there top transcriptionists make anywhere from two hundred and fifty dollars to nine hundred and fifty dollars per week as I showed you guys at the start of this video okay so who are they looking for and I use somebody that can do this job so as you can see don’t want stay-at-home moms father students part-time teachers writers academics or anybody who wants to supplement their income okay so you must highly-detailed invidual who’s committed to perfection independent worker who can meet strict deadlines because as you can imagine they need this stuff but professional nervous and beginners are welcome to apply so definitely do not be don’t think this is not for you I would recommend that you apply and get some of this because it’s a fantastic income to make and obviously supplement any other income that you have working with these transcription jobs so how do you get started click on the position you want to apply for on the right hand side and a bar up top and obviously sign up and you can definitely start making money with these transcription jobs ok and it’s really good because these are transcription jobs at home that require no experience and you can start making some really good money alright definitely recommend you go through and have a read of this website and find out exactly what else you need to do familiarize yourself do little research on YouTube as well ok guys to see exactly what it entails to be a transcriptionist now the loss the last site that I want to show you where you can go to make money as a transcriptionist is a site called Trant go transcript comm yeah go transcript comm again is another fantastic site you can also get jobs here for beginners as well and it pretty much tells you exactly how much they pay so we pay competitive rates for our online transcription jobs as you can see they’re a ver egde earnings per month is a hundred and fifty dollars which is ok guys because if you’re looking to supplement an income 150 dollars can go a long way their top monthly earners earning well over a thousand dollars one thousand two hundred and fifteen dollars so not bad for doing part-time transcription work okay so I definitely recommend that you jump on here and check out his site all you need to do is click on to apply now and it’ll take you straight through to apply it now if you go down here again the benefits are exactly the same as the other four sites that I just showed you guys you’ve got flexible working hours you get paid reliably so here receive weekly pads buy a paper for all work completed your greatest skills choose the projects that you want receive great support enjoy work variety stay busy and transcription jobs online okay guys say you’ve got some frequently asked questions I definitely recommend that you go through and all of these pretty much explains to you where you start to how much you’ll get paid and everything else that you need to know about this site I personally recommend that you go on here and you sign up for every single one of these sites and start making money online as a transcriptionist for beginners okay so it’s a fantastic little way to make some extra money guys if you enjoyed this video make sure you click on that subscribe button give me a quick thumbs up like comment share if you think anybody’s gonna find this video useful make sure you share it around so other people don’t miss out on this opportunity and as always thank you so much for watching another one of my videos my name is anh from smart money tactics you guys stay safe and good bye.

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