A manager for a non-profit organization who describes herself as a queer punk artist creates a series of personal finance classes.

What It’s About
A queer punk artist and manager for a non-profit organization creates a series of personal finance classes.

Words of Wisdom
Personal finance is a need, and there are a lot of people out there who don’t relate to the prominent voices in that field. In this story, Hadassah has found a population that she identifies with and can speak to.
She speaks to her people in a voice they understand, and the course uses adjectives like “fun, feminist, and fearless.” Speaking of prominent voices, Hadassah believes that much personal finance is very patriarchal and therefore she wants to provide an alternative. At the same time, she knows that some core personal finance principles don’t really have an ideology attached to them. Therefore, she’s able to help people start building good habits who might otherwise not learn those things because they’re out of the mainstream.
Finding a way to make something more accessible for people is not only very powerful, but it can also be profitable as Hadassah is seeing with her Ride Free personal finance workshops.

Fun Fact
Setting up the online classes was easier for Hadassah because she had already completed a few in-person classes and written some blog posts on the material. The hard part was breaking the lesson plans and slides into modules—the content was all there, but she had to structure it. She also videotaped her in-person class and was able to pull clips from the videos for the online course.
Hadassah says creating an online course isn’t easy, but her background as a multimedia artist and web designer definitely helped. She was already building her site in WordPress, so she tested a few learning management system apps, and ultimately went with the LifterLMS plugin for the online class. She found the documentation helpful, and the plugin suite offers additional features that she might want someday.

This is an attempt to bring Chris’s ideas from the podcast to youtubeFull Credit to CHRIS GUILLEBEAU’s

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