How a Washington, DC political analyst used research skills to help travelers save money while attracting 275,000 email subscribers and making more than $1M.

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What It’s About
A D.C. political analyst creates a travel alert service to help travelers save money.
Words of Wisdom
Scott has been able to create a hugely successful side hustle by focusing on his travel alert service and growing it to over 275,000 subscribers.
Like Scott, I too am an avid travel hacker, but I prefer to invest my time in different ways. Different things work better for different personalities, and it’s important to keep your unique personality in mind when choosing a side hustle. What works for one person may not work for another. For some it may be more beneficial to diversify, for others it may be better to focus on doing one thing really well, but you know what is best for you.
Learn more about Scott and how he was able to help others find cheap flights on his website, Scott’s Cheap Flights!
Fun Fact
Interested in learning more about travel hacking and how you can travel the world using miles and points? Here are some resources to help you get started!
• Free Travel Hacking Resources Page: If you want to take a big trip on a small budget, or if you want to explore parts of the planet you’ve only read about—or even if you just want the option of traveling more without spending a ton of money, all of these things are possible thanks to travel hacking.
• Join the Travel Hacking Cartel: In 2010 I founded the Travel Hacking Cartel, a service that helps users earn at least 100,000 Frequent Flyer miles a year. You can earn these miles without getting on a plane…. guaranteed.
• The Single Best Credit Card for Travel Hacking: If you’re going to get into travel hacking, it’s best to get started with a card that offers a high signup bonus. This one offers a 50,000 point signup bonus and is hands down my first recommendation!

This is an attempt to bring Chris’s ideas from the podcast to youtubeFull Credit to CHRIS GUILLEBEAU’s

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