Texas man stumbles upon a worm composting method that turns into an interesting hobby and a fun side hustle. Don’t let your hustle idea wiggle away!

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Side hustles are everywhere and you really can make money doing just about anything. Today’s story is truly a testament to that! Henry wasn’t looking for a side hustle when he stumbled upon worm composting—he was looking for a more efficient composting method for his non-profit community garden. But when he saw that worm composting was not a widespread practice, he recognized that he could use the knowledge he had acquired to educate others, and maybe even make extra money for himself.
A key theme of starting a side hustle is bridging the gap between your skills and interests and a problem or need that someone else has (See Ep. 34 & Ep. 66). Henry needed a more efficient composting method, and he knew that there were likely others out there who could benefit from the knowledge he had acquired. By starting his informative blog, Worm Composting Headquarters, he could impact his community in a positive way while creating a new source of income for himself.
Is there a gap that you could bridge at your day job that could lead to a new source of income?
• Nature Discovery Center: When he’s not sharing his worm composting experience with the masses, Henry is the Executive Director for the Nature Discovery Center in Houston, Texas
• Friendship Gardens: The community garden program that utilized Henry’s worm composting method and gives to the local Meals on Wheels program.
• Worm Composting Headquarters: Learn everything there is to know about worm composting on Henry’s blog!
• British Man Earns $700/Month Writing Fish Tank Reviews: How a British man wrote a series of reviews about fish tanks and ended up building a completely passive income business as an Amazon affiliate. He now earns $700/month without doing anything for it at all.
• Saddles for Pet Chickens—Get Ready to Wing It!: How a woman created a specialized product business in a very unconventional industry with almost $0 in manufacturing costs.
• The Live Drop-Shipping Hustle: Yep, it’s true: a Pennsylvania man makes $700+ a month drop-shipping live crickets to reptile owners across the country.
Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!
Yours in the revolution,
Chris Guillebeau

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