In our eleventh weekly recap, we’ll highlight the lessons learned this week on Side Hustle School. Also: more listener Q&A!

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Episode 77
Our listener question for this week comes to us from Danielle in Denver:
Danielle’s question relates to Ep. 43, in which an education district employee creates an online side hustle raking in over $100,000 within her first year. She was able to do this by building up a substantial subscriber, list both on her blog and on Facebook, and marketing her online writing course to them. Danielle is working on building her own email list, and asks “How was she able to get 800 subscribers in her first month?”
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Listen to the Weekly Recap for a more comprehensive look at this week’s Listener Q&A. Also, if you have a question you’d like answered, send me a voice message. Your question may be featured on the show!

Here are some quick highlights for each episode this week. Listen to this week’s recap for a more comprehensive highlight reel.
• Ep. 71 – Colleen came across the idea for her side hustle at a local market, and her story is proof that the most valuable hustling skill is being able to observe what might be a profitable idea, and then follow-through with it.
• Ep. 72 – Megan is an instructor at a university in Texas who discovered that she had a gift for constructing curriculum
• Ep. 73 – Benny’s manufacturing side hustle is a creative example of how you can use Facebook ads in combination with a platform like Teespring, a print-on-demand t-shirt vendor
• Ep. 74 – A California woman falls in love with Tango and then makes it her side hustle.
• Ep. 75 – A British pub manager has a creative idea for new pub food that he initially uses to help his boss but then realizes that it might be better for himself.
• Ep. 76 – An artist uses his love of whimsical drawing to create a side hustle selling everything from autographed prints to coffee mugs with his designs on them with Society6.
Inspiration is good; inspiration combined with action is better. Now get back to work!
Yours in the revolution,
Chris Guillebeau

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