A British pub manager has a creative idea for new pub food that he initially uses to help his boss but then realizes that it might be better for himself.

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What It’s About
After experimenting with different recipes, a British man finds one that inspires him to start his own micro pub.

Words of Wisdom
You should work hard for your employer, but you should also think about yourself and create your own security. That’s what starting a side hustle is all about, and Tom’s story illustrates this principle well.
At first, he was thinking like a good employee and put all the profit from these food experiments back into the till. That worked for a while, but one day he was mowing the pub garden lawn, he wondered why was he making food and not making the profit? After asking that question, it was a short transition to working for himself and starting his own micro pub.

Fun Fact
Tom often watched food programs on TV and saw a chef make scotch eggs with black pudding—and instead of deep frying them, he baked them. Tom didn’t have a deep fat fryer, but he had an oven, so he started making scotch eggs.
The great scotch egg experiment began with him charging £3.00 each ($4.50 USD), and he changed the recipe each time. He used Instagram and Facebook to post photos and a description of each day’s egg, so he built anticipation and a group of fans.
He eventually fell out of love with scotch eggs, but then discovered pork pies which were similar but easier to make.

This is an attempt to bring Chris’s ideas from the podcast to youtubeFull Credit to CHRIS GUILLEBEAU’s

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