A musician finds financial freedom by growing a blog and starting an e-course teaching other people how to play jazz.

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What It’s About
A professional musician runs a blog that offers tips, advice, and resources for learning jazz.
Words of Wisdom
After several months of work, Brent launched his first eCourse at the end of 2016, and in the launch month alone he sold 10k worth. He says it was truly gratifying.
He also says that the financial freedom has been amazing. It’s taken him from a struggling musician to feeling secure, and doesn’t have to worry if he’ll get enough gigs next month or not! Yet he still gets to be doing what he loves, talking about and working on jazz and music… just with the security of having most of his bills taken care of from the side hustle.
Side hustles offer security and financial freedom that you may not be able to get with a day job alone, what kind of freedoms can a starting a side hustle provide you?
Fun Fact
Interestingly, unlike almost every story you hear on the show, Brent didn’t actually start this hustle—he acquired it from someone else.
The website was the brainchild of a friend of his, who is now a former business partner. That friend, whose name was Camden, was inspired by another friend who was making a living off of his blog. Camden started with a fairly basic, quickly thrown-together blog, in 2010, and worked on it for about 5 months or so before becoming too busy to continue because of his teaching job. Brent liked the idea of the site and thought it would be a shame if it didn’t continue, so he took it over.

This is an attempt to bring Chris’s ideas from the podcast to youtubeFull Credit to CHRIS GUILLEBEAU’s

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