After changing continents multiple times, an elementary school teacher finds true love, settles down in NZ, goes panning for gold, and ends up making $40,000/year working mostly on the weekends.

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What It’s About
After taking a jewelry making class, an American transplant in New Zealand starts creating his own jewelry selling it at a local market.

Words of Wisdom
Gold Pan Pete has a good profit margin, relatively high price, and a fairly unique product. When you start with a quality product that others want to buy, your product sells itself.
It also doesn’t hurt that he sells his jewelry it in a market like the Queenstown Market that has recurring groups of tourists coming through every week. Without both of those elements, it might be more of a challenge.

Fun Fact
When he was teaching full-time and also selling his pieces at the market, Alex was working six days a week and hardly able to see his three small children. With his new schedule and side hustle, he has much more time for them.
Now that his hustle is bringing in around $40,000/year, he’s looking to fully retire from teaching and commit 100% of his time to making jewelry. Every day is a step closer to Alex truly becoming his own boss, which is something he’s wanted to do ever since he read The $100 Startup.


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