In the foothills of Tennessee, a marketing consultant designs a quarterly, high-end retreat weekend to help attendees take stock of their lives and businesses.

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What It’s About
A curious marketing consultant creates a unique and private retreat experience for interesting people

Words of Wisdom
Austin deliberately wants to keep his retreat series operating at the manageable level of four retreats a year. By doing so, he doesn’t get burned out, and he’s able to keep it fresh and interesting for all of the attendees.
Additionally, he’s able to ensure that there is a real demand for them. If he did one a month, for example, he might not be able to fill them as quickly as he does now.
As you’re starting your side hustle, ask yourself what kind of limits you might encounter, especially in regards to the amount of time and energy you’re able to put into it. Knowing your limits can help you plan and keep yourself on track—even if you push past them later.

Fun Fact
The success Austin has been able to find with Space Retreat also reflects the very real need that people have for connection and belonging. By creating a space that facilitates that within the context of a weekend where everything is provided for, he’s created a lot of value that is attractive to the people who are signing up.
And of course, there’s plenty of value in this for Austin as well. He says he’s still surprised that people will pay $1,000 to go on a retreat where he gets to be himself, a host and a friend, for a weekend and somehow magic happens.
Although this is technically his event, Austin takes a stand-off approach asking occasional questions, but for the most part, he doesn’t really do any serious business development. He sets the table and then gets to watch as real friendships and breakthroughs occur.

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