A PE teacher starts a blog that makes more than $11,000 through a sustainable revenue model that will likely grow with each passing month.

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What It’s About
A PE teacher finds a way to offer online resources to other instructors on his blog through a membership program

Words of Wisdom
Ben started his teacher resource blog, The PE Specialist, because it was a way for him to reflect, answer common questions and provide some needed materials in the form of PDFs to help teachers out. After a while, he realized that in the long-term, selling one-off PDFs for a low price was not a greatrevenue model, so he made a shift and decided to create a membership site where teachers would pay annually for access to resources.
Almost immediately, he started to make an actual profit from his side hustle. The switch was key to his success. He wisely recognized that the first path to revenue would not lead to sustainable income, so he changed to this new model which is going well.

Fun Fact
Now that he’s fine tuned his membership service, Ben has 90+ yearly members, and this program is now the main source of income for his blog. He makes a little off some introductory PDF products that he still sells at a lower price point, but his memberships fuel the vast majority of his sales. Last year, he made about $11,000 from this project.
This new source of income allowed his wife an opportunity to leave her day job so that she could come home and raise their young daughter. Now that she’s seen how possible it is to obtain a steady side income, his wife has been inspired and is now working on a side hustle of her own.

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