After using hula hoop fitness to get back into shape, a Microsoft specialist finds a way to earn $800/month teaching classes and helps others do the same.

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What It’s About
A Microsoft specialist turns a unique hobby into an $800/month side hustle.

Words of Wisdom
Sticking with a cardio routine and schedule can be challenging to do, and many people get bored with more traditional cardio methods over time. Offering an interesting and fun alternative to your everyday cardio workout is part of why Cori’s side hustle has been so successful.
The free publicity she received when she won the title for America’s Fit Mrs was fortunate, but it also helped that her hula-hooping fitness classes, Hoop With Cori, were a completely new idea in her small town in Connecticut.
Do you have knowledge or a skill that others might be interested in? This is a great idea to explore further as you’re working to develop an idea for your own side hustle. As you go about your day, think about which of your skills you could use to create more opportunity and possibilities or maybe just more pocket money for yourself.

Fun Fact
Cori’s favorite part of her side hustle is the fact that she can help those in her community find a fitness routine that they can really enjoy and stick with.
For years, Cori has struggled with hypothyroidism and the associated weight and energy issues that have come with it. When she discovered hula hooping fitness and all of the benefits associated with using it for full-body fitness, she realized that this may be something others would be interested in as well.
If you’d like to try out hula hooping fitness yourself, there are plenty of weighted hula hoop options to help you get started.
Also, did you know that while hula hooping became more mainstream in the US in the 1950’s, it’s actually been around for centuries? Some of the earliest depictions of hula hoops began making appearances on ancient artifacts in Greek culture dating back to 500 BCE!

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