How a senior designer for a feminist media publication decides to create tarot card decks and ends up making as much with her side hustle as she does at her day job.

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What It’s About
How a designer creates a leveled up tarot card side hustle complete with beginner-style learning apps doubling her yearly income.

Words of Wisdom
Tina dedicated most of her social media focus on Instagram and Labyrinthos Academy developed a big community with over 20,000 followers. They share their readings with one another and take care of each other. Tina says that Pinterest too drives a lot of traffic to the website despite having only around 2.4k followers.
When I asked her about how she promotes on social media she said “You need to be able to find the channel that your customers are on and not worry too much about the others I think.”
This is really sound advice! Spreading yourself too thin across all social media outlets to reach larger numbers of people can often hurt more than help you. Instead, focus on a couple networks, and try to make those the ones your customers are focused on as well.

Fun Fact
With her unique tarot card hustle, Tina was able to essentially double her income. But as awesome as that extra income is for her, the biggest financial freedom for Tina is being able to make her living creating something (for herself, not her client). As she puts it:
“When you work for others, inevitably there are compromises you have to make with your work. Being able to be in control of your own creative vision feels so damn good. Being able to have customers actually like your work enough to buy it and say that they love it is incredibly validating.”
Find something in your life that you have total creative control over. You don’t necessarily want creative control over everything—that means a lot of responsibility—but you will find a certain freedom in having total control over something.

This is an attempt to bring Chris’s ideas from the podcast to youtubeFull Credit to CHRIS GUILLEBEAU’s

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