No two StrengthsFinder profiles are the same, so a Gallup-certified coach learns to make and ship personalized mugs.

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What It’s About
How a Gallup-certified coach learns to make and ship personalized mugs, earning over $25,000 in less than a year.

Words of Wisdom
StrengthsFinder and other training courses create self-identifying personas where people find a source of recognition and affirmation. Consider the Myers Briggs test, for example. If you’ve never taken the test, it’s totally free (they have a paid version too), and people often put their type results in their social media profiles.
StrengthFinder is especially interesting because it’s so personalized. Every mug order is different because there is only a 1 in 33 million chance someone has the exact same five strengths in the same order as someone else. So if you’re into this culture, it’s fun to have a mug on your desk or in your car that reminds you what you’re good at.

Fun Fact
The rebel in me can’t help but respect Scott’s decisions to ask forgiveness rather than permission from Gallup when creating the mugs. If he did it the other way around, this story may never have been written.
Corporate structures often default to saying “NO” to strange requests, so you want to make it easy for them to say “YES”. It’s best to show them that it’s already happening and it will be a net win for them too.
To learn more about Scott’s personalized StrengthFinder mugs, visit his store page.

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