What It’s About
A graphic designer starts a pole dancing fitness studio, expands it to multiple locations, and helps thousands of women get fit and feel better.
Words of Wisdom

If you have a successful side hustle, you’ll eventually reach a point where you have to make a choice. For Sarah, that time took several years. By year 6, Studio 9 had developed into a very healthy, six-figure hustle. As she approached that mark, Sarah decided to make a big change to quit her job and to grow the studio full-time.

Finding that point can be difficult to do, but a good rule of thumb is that it’s time to leave when you realize that you’re no longer able to give 100% at your day job.
Fun Fact

When Sarah was getting started, she had many people RSVP for her first class, but when it came time for the class to start, not a single person who RSVPed showed up. Despite the rocky start, Sarah kept trying and ultimately created a really successful hustle.

Simply put, she believed in the mission. When you have a mission that you believe in, that’s when you persevere… perhaps all the way to a six-figure, multiple-location studio practice that serves thousands of clients.

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