How a hospital employee utilizes skills that he learned from work to help others work with and process complex computer programs and information earning over $100/hour.

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What It’s About
Hospital employee makes up to $125 an hour showing people how to work with complex information.
Words of Wisdom
A key theme of side hustling is using the skills you already have,not going out to learn something new. Sometimes people don’t know what skills of theirs are valuable in the world apart from traditional employment—which is only natural if all they’ve done is work for a company or organization. In this episode, Dan Khadem uses skills he originally learned for his work and transferred it to a hustle that pays him up to $125 an hour.
One of Dan’s most frequently used tools is Microsoft Access, a software program used widely in the healthcare world. His tutoring work helps others use this software more effectively and efficiently. He uses the tutoring site to find clients.
Fun Fact
After going to school, Dan had accrued over $45,000 in debt and that number climbed over the years following the addition of a new car, a new home, and a new bride. By 2012, his debt had reached an all-time high of over $86,000. Today, Dan has whittled that down to $2,000 and plans on being completely debt-free sometime over the next couple months.
When asked about how he was able to whittle his debt down so substantially, he attributes his success to three things. First, the income from his day job was incrementally increasing by 2-3% each year. Secondly, his expenses went down after his fiancé moved in with him. The biggest factor in his debt reduction, however, was the resulting income from his side hustle.

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