In our fourth weekly recap, we’ll highlight the lessons learned in this week of Side Hustle School, and you’ll also learn why fortune favors those who come prepared.

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Action Item:
As Richard Branson once said, “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.”
The same could be said for side hustles. As you’re listening to these episodes, consider what kind of preparation went into building the side hustles that made them successful and ask yourself:
1. How am I preparing for my side hustle?
2. What steps can I take to create the foundation for a successful hustle?
Remember, inspiration (and luck!) is good, but inspiration combined with action and is much better.
Words of Wisdom
Luck and good fortune can help you along, but hard work and being prepared can take you even further. You may listen to some of these episodes and think that these people just got lucky in finding successful projects—but most of these people worked hard once an opportunity to do something presented itself.
I don’t recommend that you wait for luck to come your way, but I do recommend that you be ready to work and hit the ground running if an opportune moment does show up. Some side hustles may come easily, but for the most part, they still require some work on your part especially in the beginning.
Highlights From This Week
• Ep. 22 – Brianna got lucky when she found an open space with minimal overhead for her pop-up shop, but she was a success because she was prepared and worked hard for a solid month getting it off the ground.
• Ep. 23 – Jake was lucky when his listing brought in so many clients, but it was his hard work and dedication that made it sustainable.
• Ep. 27 – Heather got lucky when she came up with the idea for Stressed Mommy, but she was truly successful because she found the time to make her side hustle work despite her busy schedule.
Listen to this week’s recap for a more comprehensive highlight reel!

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Various Ways of Making Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing

Unemployment has been a matter of concern for a large part of population of every country. To solve this crisis, people can revert to internet marketing which is one of the fastest growing trends today followed by most of the. One of the methods of internet marketing known as affiliate marketing is one of the most successful methods.

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Affiliate marketing has brought a perfect idea for many people particularly for those who are struggling with their long hour’s dead-end jobs in this bad economy. The idea of doing work for yourself from anywhere and anytime sounds like a dream come true for many people. This dream can become reality for those who want to learn the ways of affiliate marketing, but it will take its time, patience and efforts and dedication.

Affiliate Mistakes You Will Want to Avoid To Be Successful

Effective affiliates know that there are many different working procedures around that have helped in their success, yet they likewise understand that there are even a lot more blunders that could have ruined their efforts outright. That’s since a lot of marketers have actually run into plenty of bumps in the road prior to ultimately navigating around them. Use the text listed below to assist you in staying clear of a few of these risks in affiliates marketing.

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