How a San Diego accountant coping with the struggles of new motherhood launched her own private label wine hustle for stressed out parents like herself.

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What It’s About
How a San Diego accountant who was coping with the struggles of new motherhood launched her own private label wine hustle.
Words of Wisdom
With this kind of hustle it’s usually best to make one thing work well and then expand slowly. Alternatively, you could try a lot of private labeled items at once, but you should probably drop whatever doesn’t work fairly quickly. You’ll establish more loyalty to the brand by being targeted and specific.
Heather started out selling wine which seemed like an easy product to associate with the Stressed Mommy brand. After she spent some time developing that as part of the brand, she began to think of what else a “stressed mommy” would need after a long day. Stressed Mommy spa products were a fantastic next step!

Questions to ask a private label vendor:
• Does the vendor want you to provide a label mockup?
• Are they sending the products to you to add your label or do they do it?
• Which country or countries do they source from?
• What is their minimum order quantity?
• Will the supplier send a sample so you can judge quality before you buy?
Fun Fact
Like Jake Posko in Ep. 23, Heather is a new parent with a busy schedule and full-time job. Finding the time to start her side hustle wasn’t easy, but she figured out a way to do it anyways. In Heather’s instance, she decided to cut tv from her life and use the time she would have spent watching other people’s lives investing in her own.
Now that she’s gotten into a good rhythm, she’s working to help others achieve their own financial freedom by offering consultation services in addition to selling products for stressed out parents.

Questions to ask yourself:
• Do you have room to store the products, or do you need a warehouse?
• Do the products have an expiration date?
• Do you want to invest in advertising?
• If not, how will you grow your brand?
• If the first product line takes off, what will you sell next?

This is an attempt to bring Chris’s ideas from the podcast to youtube Full Credit to CHRIS GUILLEBEAU’s

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