Notary Signing Agent Q&A, Homeowner Info & General Chit Chat

There’s a lot going on in the world… Let’s talk.

How are you and your family handling Covid-19, are you still working, do you have questions about becoming a notary signing agent? I’m open talk.♨🤸‍♀️🔥
Time Stamps:
Impending Market Crash 3:46
Helping Homeowners Keep Their Homes 3:49
Current Employment/Unemployment 4:00
Increase in Foreclosures 4:47
About my Journey 5:06
What I Found Out About Foreclosure & Why I Want to Help 5:28
Exactly What I Offer to Help Homeowners 6:15
The Difference Between a Notary & a Notary Signing Agent 7:23
Why Practice During This Time 8:44
When Am I Going to Start Back Signing 13:16

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