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Ya know…now is a very dangerous time to be in close quarters with people. That’s why I decided to get verified through the Secretary of State as a REMOTE NOTARY loan signing agent. The platform that I decided the go with is called DocVerify.

The process is a bit cumbersome, but I’ll walk you through the whole thing😉.

Btw, millions of people are unemployed, and there is now way that we can maintain homeownership without income. Don’t wait on the government! Check out this legitimate side hustle.

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Helpful links:
DocVerify Electronic Notary and Remote Online Notary Platform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ychbLJSddZ0
How to Get Activated as a Notary in DocVerify: https://youtu.be/gQhsRMKhryA
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Life just happens… Whether you want it to or not. The only thing that we can do is be prepared. Let me ask you a question… You have Homeowner’s Insurance, right? Well, consider this workbook Homeowners’ Assurance!

How NOT to Lose Your Home gives step-by-step guidance on who to call and what to say if you ever fall behind on mortgage payments.

You’ll learn:
• How to stop the foreclosure process within the next 24 hours!
• What to do if you have no income and aren’t sure when you’ll have money to begin making payments.
• Tons of local resources that can help you get back on track.
• How to sale your home quickly if that’s your last option.
• And a Whole Lot More!

Workbook Walk-through (Demo): https://youtu.be/1AUnSyHJDNA
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Please watch: “Pandemic Unemployment Assistance: The Side Hustle Series💲💲💲💲”

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