NNA Loan Signing Agent Training & How to Get Jobs Using SnapDocs

In this video I walk you through the back end of both the SnapDocs and the NNA and show you everything that you need to become a money making loan signing agent.

The National Notary Association (NNA) offers an extremely comprehensive Loan Signing Agent Training, it is the first site that you should visit if your are going to become a mobile notary.

SnapDocs is the site you’ll use to find signing jobs in your area.

*Resources mentioned in the video*
National Notary Association: http://nationalnotary.org or 800-876-6827
Snapdocs: http://snapdocs.com
Scan to pdf App: Adobe Scan
Free Checklist: http://imkeepingmyhouse.com/loansigningagenttraining
Check out My Coronavirus Financial Survival Guide: https://bit.ly/37Vx6vv
Book and appointment to talk to me: https://clarity.fm/latonyajohnson (It’s only $1/min)
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