Work From Home Chat Jobs [ Earn Up To $3k Per Month ]

In this work from home chat jobs video, I show you how to secure various non phone work at home jobs. These online jobs include the following:

– work from home live chat jobs
– work from home customer service chat jobs
– work from home email and chat jobs

So we have covered either way.

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Do you spend a lot of time on social media have you ever chatted online with your friends or strangers well how would you like to get paid to do that I’ll show you how to earn up to three thousand dollars per month with work from home chat jobs best of all it’s totally free but stay tuned to learn more hey let me introduce myself my name is Eddie with a why yes the spelling is that serious and I run a website called work at home no scams com and I also run this YouTube channel both of which are designed to help you make money online and avoid scams I want you to be one of the first people to receive these new opportunities to do that go ahead and click on that subscribe button and bail notification in today’s video you’re going to learn how to trade in time for money this is unlike what I do where I make money passively like you see here while I was asleep and it’s because of a system that I’ve linked to at the bottom of this video so be sure to check that out after you watch this video if you are interested in making passive income hey I’m super excited to talk about these work from home check jobs I’m going to cover five of them the best one will be saved towards the end for those folks that support me because that’s how you support your boy by watching the videos towards the end I will have links to all these companies that I’m covering in my pin comment down below or it might be in the description just make sure you check either one just keep in mind like I’m not making a judgment call okay like some of us just don’t like being on the phone and this mean totally represents me I don’t like being on the phone and some of you just can’t be on the phone because you have kids either way I’m trying to cover these work from home chat jobs to kind of help you out some of these should be international but just the case they are not I have this video that you can check out and it’s in my link should be in my description or you’ll see a card here showing you how to get to that if you’re anything like me you’ve run into customer service issues and most people what they usually do is they’ll call customer service rep hopefully you know you’ll get to someone right away chances are you’re waiting for a long period of time if you’re smart and you want to get service right away what you should do is go on social media websites like Twitter and as you can see here this my interaction with some companies Verizon and t-mobile I was struggling with some issues with AT&T got really pissed off they weren’t being very helpful so I came here on Twitter to contact eMobile and Verizon see which one of those companies went in my business and t-mobile was very very quick to respond and guess what you guys can get paid to be customer service reps on social media there’s a website here called live world which can help you do that they literally specialized in training and providing customer support via social media here they have some good benefits here time off flexible hours for more k plan this company specializes in hiring people to be on social media to conduct customer service and these jobs are very very important because as you can see here I literally left AT&T to join t-mobile because they had better customer service so your job is really really important and they have some openings right now here hey sorry for the interruption but if you’re enjoying this video can you do me a favor go ahead and click that like button down below to help a brother out hey thanks for doing that now let’s get back to the video so if you are bilingual they have this position here for and these are some of the languages that they’re looking for this lays out kind of the responsibilities and the things that they want you to do and what you need here so I’ll be sure to kind of link to this down below as you can see here they have application for US residents and non-us residents so this leads me to believe that this might be an international opportunity they also have one where you don’t need to be like bilingual and it’s very similar as well you’re probably wondering well how much does this position pay besides all these great benefits here according to Glassdoor they are paying anywhere from $8 to 15,000 hours on average $11 an hour and on a yearly basis you’re making about $22,000 so next thing we want to talk about is another company here that allows you to work from home chatting so this is just a Facebook group and you know they have all types of different things online you have Facebook groups you have blogs you have forums and this website here is a company that hires people to moderate things like Facebook groups and forums and things like that because if you don’t have people moderating these things than what ends up happening is people are spamming it or being mean and not being productive so they will hire a company like Mod Squad to hire moderators on to sit there and moderate these different platforms here and as you can see be moderating forums you’d be chatting with customers you’ll be managing communities and also doing things on social media so this is a little bit mixture of everything here all you would have to do is basically scroll down to the bottom here and apply in terms of like how much money you can make it varies here but it seems anywhere from nine to eleven dollars an hour is what you can earn wit mod squad so that’s something else that you definitely want to check out the third company we want to talk about is needle okay so now with all these other companies that we discussed here you’re not necessarily a customer or user of these companies okay you’re just being hired to do you know work from home chat here with needle they’re a little different okay what they’re arguing is that when you have like chat BOTS or remote service representatives they may not necessarily know your brand or your your services so they take a different approach they want to actually hire brand advocates it’s what they call them these are people that actually shop these brands use them so like for instance if you you know shop at Old Navy you probably know more about Old Navy that some random person that’s never shopped there before and you are probably gonna be able to give better feedback and guidance and someone that may not necessarily know about that brand so they hire a grant advocates and these are people that have actually used these products and services understand them really well and the argument here Neagle is that they are more inclined to help those more sales and help your customers better so that’s what a brand advocate is here and that’s you know they’re a little different than some of the other ones that we talked about so you would basically just scroll down here to click on become an advocate and then you could just sit here and tell them more about yourself fill out all the information here according to Glassdoor here you make $12 an hour and yearly you could probably make twenty-five thousand dollars per year so that what salary maybe next we want to talk about T Tech this is a company that outsource is like customer service biotechnology and you might be supporting people from the technology standpoint or customer service standpoint and what they say here is you can do this either over phone via chat or social media so obviously you can just avoid the ones that require phone but you can do it the other ones here via chat or social media an event you can see all the different jobs here and this is an international opportunity here because you can see they have jobs in Australia or Greece Bulgaria so you would just come here and look at the ones that make sense for you they have bilingual ones which are helpful and just look at the ones that make sense and apply you just click on the link here for one of the jobs that you’re looking in to read the description and then you can go ahead and apply it lays out what you need so with this particular…

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