How to make $1000 a Day using Your Email Address

I’ve made over $250 Million dollars online…

97% of the profit came from email. It is the oldest & the most effective source to communicate with your customers. But do you really want to know why Email Marketing is my favorite source of Traffic?

Because YOU CONTROL your email list for FREE!

Let me explain what I mean…

If you have a fairly large following on Facebook and Instagram, you have to PAY Facebook to show your content to your audience.

If you publish content on YouTube to grow your subscribers, there is a chance the Google can change their algorithm can BAN your account. All of that hard work and time you spent on your following can INSTANTLY DISAPPEAR.

Traffic is essential for any business, so why give that power away to some other social media platform. The best way to SECURE communication between your customers is to grow your email list.

The Craziest thing about this traffic strategy that most people don’t know, it’s actually simpler than most of the social platforms out there! All of your Facebook, YouTube, SEO, LinkedIn Gurus have an Email List!

If you Don’t…

Then your business is at a HUGE disadvantage.

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“Lead Fighter” — That’s the title Anik Singal gives himself as a high-energy, trailblazing Entrepreneur.

Anik got his start in the online scene back in 2003 from his college dorm room.

Ever since then he’s gone on to build 6 successful companies, launched 22 top brands, generated over $250 Million in sales, and taught over 250,000 students worldwide – how to start, grow, and scale a successful online business.

As the founder of Lurn, Inc.,

Anik Singal’s passion is in creating dynamic online classroom environments that teach people how to enhance their business, financial, and personal lives.

Anik Singal has become a go-to authority in the areas of…

✅Digital Publishing.
✅Event-Based Marketing.
✅Product Launches.
✅Email Marketing.

Anik has been voted one of the Top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek Magazine. In addition, his company earned the prestigious Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America two years in a row.

All of Anik’s experiences have made him the person he is today…

From struggling for 18 months when he first started, then successfully building his business to over $10 Million a year.

Then losing it all and falling to $1.7 Million in debt and almost declaring bankruptcy.

Bouncing back and generating over $10 million in 16 months, paying back all of his debt and he hasn’t looked back since.

He’s worked with and has been endorsed by some of the most influential Entrepreneurs of our time…

Including Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Daymond John, Bob Proctor, Grant Cardone, and many more.

Anik is a dreamer. A thinker. A fighter. Most importantly, Anik is a teacher.

His immediate goal is empowering 1 Million Entrepreneurs to live the life of their dreams by the end of 2019.




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If tomorrow I lost absolutely everything I have including my team if all you left me with was my knowledge I look you dead in the eyes and I tell you right now I would be to a thousand dollars a day using email in 30 to 45 days tops people might be thinking well he’s got something fancier he’s smarter even that no it’s really that simple this is the fighting entrepreneur the podcast dedicated to entrepreneurs looking to change the world learn how to start build and scale a business in today’s highly competitive business environments here’s your host the fighting entrepreneur on a single what is up you crazy fighting entrepreneurs this is jeremy Bellotti lead transformation coach here with learn and we have a very special guest con today you know what sometimes on the podcast we like to really kind of flip things a little bit on it loves to do that so that you get the most out of this episode in this show and so today we have the quarter billion dollar man himself the the founder and CEO of learn is here with us today we have mr. onyx Engel how you doing sir I’m good man thank you it’s it’s always a little bit weird to be on this side of the table here but I’m excited I’m excited to talk about what we’re gonna talk about today and yeah let’s do it yeah so we are gonna go through email and really the ways that you can really optimize growing an email business onyx and talk about all about that he is the best in the world when it come to email business and so he’s going to dive into that we’re gonna probe we’re gonna be asking the questions and in order to do that properly we must do the oath so alright raise your right hand yes sir ionic single hi onyx single do solemnly swear do you solemnly swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth tell the truth and nothing but the truth is you give away all of my quarter billion dollar email marketing secrets and to give away all of my quarter billion dollar email marketing secrets very that was good alright so email marketing email business what is that all about and you know tell us a little bit about the story of how that even was something you started yeah you know it’s so crazy if you look back so I’ve been doing this now for 16 years right we talk about quarter billion dollars it’s coming up in 16 years I can’t even believe the fact that I feel like a grandfather in this industry it’s freaking 36 years old and people call me like I get named like we were I was just in Asia as traveling around people are like it’s the og you know I’m like oh my god oh gee like it sounds great but I feel old here’s the point here’s what I’m talking about this 16 years ago when I was truly struggling right 18 months I couldn’t make a penny and I’m struggling struggling trying to figure something out so this is why sometimes when I hear the message out there like hustle hustle hustle hustle that’s not enough in and of itself I was hustling 18 months of I mean listen I was a full-time student I had a job and I had my business so I was sleeping maybe four or five hours a day tops okay on a good day I was hustling I wasn’t going to parties I wasn’t going out I wasn’t going to football games it wasn’t doing anything I was I was hustling it wasn’t working and I remember when I write was about to quit this this person offered me this district dislike not fictitious but this mysterious person who till this day I don’t know their name they offered me this this 24 hour window in which they would help me and guide me one-on-one and I almost said no to it I almost didn’t do it but I finally decided to do it and basically the commitment I had made to them was that if I could make some money in that 24 hours I wouldn’t quit I wouldn’t stop after 18 months of trying and that night we were up till about 3:00 in the morning together and the biggest thing that he had or she had me do right was you know we talked about how to implement email into the business so until what all the systems I had tried I tried to everything man from you know blogging trying to make money with Adsense trying to sell my own products and we got to build websites I’d built content sites I tried to do SEO I tried to do Google Ads back then I tried everything and all this person said was we’re gonna take your existing process we’re just gonna build one little page jam it in the beginning of it all and let’s see what that does and that night I was up till 3:00 in the morning working away at it we put it together see that’s the other thing we’ll talk about today back then to put up even a simple little page just on opt-in page as we call it which we’ll get into we’ll talk about what that is and everything here but I mean it took me a few hours today a total yeah I mean today it’s a matter of I’m not even joking when I say like maybe 45 seconds right and that’s something that I can prove to people I’ll show it to him I’ll show him you know in the process of this this interview and so talk about the evolution over the last 16 years anyway so I took a few hours I got it together put it together I was up till 3:00 in the morning working on it and finally fell asleep now let me just stop here 18 months of working hours a day trying so many different things and I’ve made Madinah 70 bucks like collectively not per day like in 18 months okay like over 18 months I don’t know what that daily rate is but it’s nothing to brag home about and I woke up the next morning I had to go to class I woke up at 9:00 a.m. so I’ve been sleeping now and my new business was live for about six hours and I woke up at 9:00 a.m. ran to the computer like literally I remember almost hitting my head on the table almost tripped us I was spraying open my laptop and would you believe that the number I saw on the other side was so crazy that I actually had to reboot my cup top because I didn’t believe it I thought something’s wrong and it was three hundred and fifteen dollars I made three hundred fifteen dollars in six hours of sleeping I was like what five almost five times amount of money then I had made in eighteen months combined and his email that was 16 years ago 16 years later still about 90 to 95 percent of the income that I make is from you know so the system has not changed it’s only gotten easier it’s only gotten quicker it’s only got more profitable the data is ridiculous and so what I want to do is show people especially not just through this interview but I want to show people through this free course that we’re coming out with that we’re gonna drop a URL too soon completely free I want to show people how to create a thousand dollars a day yeah in just a side hustle side income by using nothing but their email address and people will try to say well all there’s there’s there’s Amazon there’s eBay there’s EECOM there’s they’re all great okay we have amazing people we publish our learn they’re great I love them all but I still love email and it’s easier today than it ever was it works just as well today I mean you think to yourself how many times a day do you check your email yeah we check email like it’s it is a very powerful system yeah it comes in like a text message if you have your phone yes yeah exactly and it costs next to nothing to build yeah so why email I mean cuz it’s simple yeah you need very little you don’t need a product you don’t need any services you don’t need employees you don’t have to build anything you don’t have done wrestling any money I mean you can get be up and running and then you’re actually building an actual business because for every email address you build or you get in your subscriber base that’s an asset you’re building value you could sell that one day unlike most people who build affiliate businesses man tomorrow morning Google shuts you off poof gone yeah you have nothing left so I could keep going dude yeah it’s your interview so but yeah that’s the thing what made you run away with email because obviously you had that kind of that epiphany moment where all of a sudden you started making money and you still ran with it you really you know you’ve been doing for the last 16 years yeah I mean so it’s consistent I think to be honest with you I I don’t know the exact number of email addresses that I’ve collected in my life it’s probably somewhere between 7 to 10 million Wow but I can tell you that right now between all of my companies that I’m in I every morning about 2 to 2 point 2 million emails between all my companies go out that somehow make me some money yeah 2 to 2 point 2 million now people might oh how do you get so I didn’t do this overnight right I mean it’s taken some time but why did I run away with it okay so first of all there’s two reasons I ran away with it the first bucket of there are two buckets of reasons the first bucket of reasons is the the just it it’s simple yeah okay there’s no I’m not a coder I’m not technical if you put a gun down my head right now and say get a webpage online it’s embarrassing you call me the quarter billion dollar man I’ve made over a quarter billion online ninety ninety-five percent of it through email and if you put a gun to my head right now Jeremy I cannot put a web page on the Internet I cannot do it I need either our phone or I need a laptop for my software I think I need something I can’t do it alone so it’s stupid simple okay and it just keeps working so it’s like this if I come to you right now and I’m like Jeremy give me $10 and you gave me ten and I just gave you 20 right back immediately we just did this transaction would you offer me another ten yeah absolutely yeah you would enough here another hundred you you’d offer me and we keep doing it till both our arms fell off yeah like we’d literally stop we’d forget everything going on in the world and we just keep doing it so it’s something works we just keep doing it yeah right so the first thing is it’s just simple of all the things I’ve tried and believe me okay I have in my 16 years because I am friends with some of the most brilliant people in the world a lot of whom we publish here at learn and I have built econ businesses I have built Amazon businesses I have built digital publishing businesses I have built content websites I have built offline businesses consulting businesses software businesses I’ve done it all because I have a didi I’m an entrepreneur mean my name is a finding entrepreneurs I got a TD all over the place and I continue to just revert back to email and here’s a crazy part even when I built an econ business the biggest source of our revenue was email yeah right that’s the thing all the models that you just mentioned they all use email people we have a coaching business without email it’s completely non-existent I have a SAS company without email it’s literally non-existent so the first thing was just email is not just a type of business it is a foundational way of communicating with an audience so as we go through this interview I’ll talk about the true Avenue to wealth the true Avenue to making a thousand dollars a day isn’t what product are you selling what niche are you and it’s what audience do you have access to if you have an audience you can never go broke if you have people that look at you listen to you you can’t go broke it’s like this I always tell everyone I talked to at an event I’ll say everyone close your eyes right now okay now I want you to imagine the New York Yankee Stadium okay or any football team or soccer team or whatever team imagine a stadium you’ve got 90,000 people it’s loud it’s all roaring roaring it’s loud it’s loud but you’re on the dugout you’re on the you’re on the field they give you a megaphone the minute you get the megaphone in your hand the whole place goes pin drops silent and you got five minutes you could say whatever you want and you got ninety thousand people listening to you you anything heck you know what forget about that it’s being televised you got another million people watching that listening to anything you say are you telling me with that many people’s attention at one in one window that you can’t make some money from that like you’re allowed to sell you could to say hey guys I’ve got some jewelry here I’ve got some this year like you could do anything one and now the best part you can do this every single day yeah but if somebody says to you okay audience okay awesome I have a social media audience is that enough but no email okay great question right so so so the first bucket of why I really stayed into email was like like I said it was it was the ease and simplicity and we’re gonna go over that today I’m my goal is to show everyone a clear and path clear path to a thousand dollars a day the second reason that I’ve stayed with email for so long is that it is exactly the following it’s control audience plus control okay so why is it that I’ll use myself as an example okay right now at learn we can send out our our learn databases is 1.2 million but like I said between all my companies is about 2.2 million that we send out emails okay when I send an email out it’s going to end up in your inbox okay for the most part obviously we have some rules that we make sure there’s no spam happening and all that that’s easy to do that’s not that difficult so we just get past that let’s make the automatic assumption here then when I send out 1.2 million emails in the morning 1.3 million emails are gonna go out and that’s gonna be received now 1.2 million maybe it’s a too big of a number for people to process so I always say the number is 10,000 we’ve had students that have followed exactly what I teach in my free training that’s coming up that we’re gonna drop a URL for yeah I’ve had people do that and then build a 10,000 person list in like four days it’s it’s really not that hard so 10,000 that’s financial freedom so if anyone wants to earn $1,000 a day first step is get to list of 10,000 so let’s just say 10,000 you send out 10,000 emails 10,000 people will receive an email that’s your control you get that I have Jeremy this is so embarrassing I have a million followers on Facebook all right so blessed to have a million people follow me on Facebook when I make a post do you know how many people Facebook shows it to no it’s probably a thousand on a good day six thousand oh my god that’s not how many likes I get that’s not how many comments that’s how many people they reach out of a million followers out of a million followers Facebook owns my followers not me and they decide how much of my messages go because Facebook’s a pay-to-play platform well and that’s even if they keep you on the platform if they have if they kick you off the plateau at bat that rabbit hole but yeah so same thing for YouTube and for Instagram and for Pinterest and for LinkedIn and now tik-tok and all of these they own your audience not you they could kick you off they could shut you down but the biggest part is when you know Facebook is very clear hey congratulations on it that’s great that you built a million people audience now if you could pay us more money we will let you reach them so every day to reach that million person audience I have to pay thousands and thousands thousands of dollars not with freaking email man I mean with the email like listen if you have a a 10,000 person email list that’s that’s financial freedom that’s a ticket to financial freedom and we’re gonna show exactly how to get there that’s gonna cost you like I think I got like $100 a month to send as many times as you want yeah so you could send out 30 emails to 10,000 people and that’s like three million emails that go out that month it cost you a hundred bucks $100 on Facebook will show my post to like 250 people it’s not this is why I love it right there’s there’s gurus and marketers you know who you are I’m calling you out because you’re annoying they’re out there he moves dead you moved it and they have a huge email list this is it really it hurts me here’s why hey guess where I’m reading the message wrong email freaking email the subject line of the email is email is dead like are you you’re using that to promote no man it’s just it’s because email is so important yeah email is so simple that it’s become boring it’s been talked about so much and you know what if that’s the pic if our listeners if their biggest problem in their life right now is that the system that I’m showing them to get to a thousand dollars a day is boring then guess what congratu freaking lations yeah I’ll take that all day long right so they’re marketers are using that anti angle this like whole strategy of say the opposite of what is commonly said just to get your get your attention but mathematically statistically and common-sense wise how can you possibly say that Facebook following Instagram following YouTube following any of these are better than an email list control so the two major reasons are one it’s just simple anyone listening right now if they follow my instructions and so will drop the URL to the free course if you’re watching right now by the way the free course may be coming out in just a few days or it’s already out yeah so I don’t know but it’s learn calm Lu our forward slash inbox I and Bo X inbox that’s it Lu our n calm forward slash inbox in which I’m not gonna just teach you I’m gonna build a live business in front of your eyes show you how simple it is so you’ll know bucket number one you’re gonna be like oh my god why have I not been doing this everyone should be doing this if you already have a business you should be doing it to to help promote your existing business number two control men you know what I’m gonna have kids one day and I don’t I can’t pass my followers on Facebook off to my kids I can’t my facebook followers to another company but in the future my email list it’s got value no one can take it from me Google and Facebook they can’t shut me down that’s mine I own that audience so in the future I could pass it on so my income could pass on to future generations or I could literally find a company to buy it and sell it yeah so now I so that’s the second biggest reason it’s control audience and thinking like a true businessperson I’m building an asset that has tremendous value in the future well and it’s also scalable I mean you’re able to continue growing that list and it becomes a consistently growing asset yeah man it’s super scalable so I told you all you need is to listen 4.6 billion email addresses are in the world 4.6 billion there’s seven point arguable seven let’s just say seven and a half billion humans on the planet right some people say seven point – some say seven point six seven and a half billion people on the planet yeah 4.6 billion email addresses this is when someone comes running to me they’re like Facebook cuz 2 billion users oh my god okay if you get excited about that let’s get excited about the fact that emails got 4.6 billion email is what invented the internet it was the sending of an email that was a birth of the Internet so how can you know how can that die yeah so it’s super scalable I just said 10,000 email addresses are the ticket to financial freedom so a lot of people have 10,000 a lot okay fine fine fine I said ticket to financial freedom you get a thousand emails that’s so easy yeah I mean it could be done in a matter of hours a thousand emails and you’re paying off your mortgage a thousand emails you make any car payments a thousand emails you take in the dream vacation with your kids save up for a few months ago in a distant land thousand emails and you are saving money for your colleges it’s college fund it’s not a lot but imagine the scalability I just told you there’s 4.6 billion email addresses dude you can get to you know hundred thousand emails 150 thousand two hundred thousand emails we’re talking about making seven figures a year with no team no resources no problems about 30 minutes a day and you literally could be doing it from anywhere in the world I was recently in Asia I was try went to Malaysia Thailand Singapore takes as long as I have internet man yeah I’m in business I’m sending an email that’s it I don’t have to have my own products I don’t have to have customer support I don’t have to deal with anything I send emails I get paid yeah and so guys what you want to remember too is you want to be able to have the right process to do that right you can’t just have a thousand emails and I’m just have a thousand emails and do nothing with them or send them an email once every couple of months no there is there’s a very methodical process that is what we teach and we have a whole incubator here at learn we call it the email startup incubator and man it’s like it’s a joke I mean it’s like in the sense of what it costs to get in its its peanuts its pennies on the dollar and we did it on purpose this way because we want to teach you exactly how to do it and it’s so simple because people say well whatever I gotta send an email zone we got templates we give you exactly what to send how am I gonna find well how am I gonna make money we tell you where to find products I’m not a good writer yeah I’m not a good writer great don’t please I’m not either don’t write I can I want you to write will get will tell it will give you stuff that’s been written by writers yeah so what is the path to being able to earn money with with email and being able to kind of you know take that thousand or 10,000 people and really start generating income yeah so let’s not even talk thousand or 10,000 people listening seriously I’m gonna I’m gonna tell you right now the model to get a hundred email addresses from people this is anyone we’re listening right now could could participate and do this yeah I really want to encourage everyone though to not start blindly like Jeremy said go to learn Lu are n comm forward slash inbox I and Bo X that’s it that simple URL sign up for the free course if it’s already out awesome there’s two videos consume them watch them start to finish I’ll show you exactly what you need if it’s not out yet it’s coming out in like a couple days just hang tight so Jeremy in order to achieve the thousand dollars a day journey the first thing you need is you need to choose the right niche so let’s talk a little bit about how do you choose the right niche that’s an email business friendly niche the first thing is you want to go into and this is true for any business you want to go into a niche that’s got a powerful pain point right because what do people spend money on they spend money to solve pain and so it you look at the three major buckets wealth health relationships these are three that innately carry the most potential pain because wealth if you’re broke here in pain yeah health if you’re sick you’re in pain relationships if you’re on the verge of breaking up with your you know your loved one or if you’re lonely and you don’t have a you know girlfriend or boyfriend you’re in pain yeah so to solve those three pains is very important the second metric to really look into is is this a topic that needs regular content so for example you know if you don’t have underwear that is a pain and you need to go buy some underwear buy once you’ve bought underwear yeah bought underwear like I don’t need to teach you about underwear right I can’t send you multiple emails if you bought underwear today and I sent you another email four days from now four more underwear you’re like dude I got my underwear I’m good like why are you emailing me again however let’s say you’re a golfer right I mean aren’t people who are are hobbyists in something don’t they like constant information about that topic Ashley golf yeah love examination about golf more tools more yeah you know more equipment yeah if you’re into health I know you’re if you’re super into health right do you not read and follow constantly what’s going on in the space constant constantly right I’m into I love digital…

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