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In this video, I will share with you a 4 week plan to become a virtual assistant, launch a profitable VA business online and make money from home

I know a lot of you want to start working at home but have no idea what you should be doing and becoming a virtual assistant is a great option.

So, stay with till the end because I will talk about a few resources that are absolutely free of cost and can help you (stay by step) in launching your own virtual assistant business online

I will keep referring to resources in between so watch the entire video to get started as a va, the right wa

So are you ready to become a Va, work form home and make money as a VA?

Lets talk about the plan –

Week 1 –

– Assess your current skills – 150+ services
– Learn additional skills –
– Research online
– Take additional classes
– Fill the gaps in your service
– At minimum skills – $10 and raise your rates $25

We will talk about finding clients and pricing a bit later

– Create a package
– 2-3 packages
– Minimal number of hours – 5-10 hrs
– More number of hours

– Website – Professional , easy for clients to know about you
– Little about you
– Packages
– Contact info
– Testimonial

Start networking in Facebook groups
– Connect with online FB groups
– Clients or refer clients to you

Week 2

Find clients to work for free
– Gain experience,
– gain testimonials
– It helps convince people
– Referrals
– Good possibility for referrals or hiring you
– Small number of hours

It is easy – share on Facebook groups

Week 3

Get your first paying client

– Freelance website – numbers name – only for a few weeks
– Facebook groups
– Ask people if they are hiring


I can not guarantee that you will make money online from this, or any of my other videos or blog posts. While I try to share the most legitimate ways to make money online, you are responsible to vet and research before taking any steps and be careful of scams.

I am only capable of telling you information and sharing methods that have the potential of making money.

Any link you see in the description or in the video may be an affiliate link. Meaning that if you purchase anything, I will get a commission at NO COST TO YOU.

This helps and supports this youtube channel, and keeps it going, thanks!

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