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Goood morning SIDE HUSTLING FAMILY! Some of my older audience has been feeling a little left out with what is available to them! So today I am going into some companies that I think would be applicable seniors 50 years and older! Let’s gooooo! Here are my

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Good morning and welcome to another video on a Kat Theo’s channel so because we are so inclusive on my channel we are going into great jobs that you can get as somebody 50 years or older my mom’s generation a baby boomer you are retired but you are bored your husband is driving you crazy and you need an excuse to leave the house for a few hours alone these jobs are going to be for you the great thing about this as well is it all gonna be remote positions that you can do in the comfort of your own home if you want to just be relaxed if you are retired but you still want to be at home active keeping your brain active and just have something to do this video is gonna be great for you do fulfill to subscribe to my channel to not miss any other videos and bang on the notification bell to get a notification every time I look stay all the way into the end of this video and not only am I going to show you all of these companies that are hiring remote people that are 50 years and older but also how you can search on your own how to find these jobs if none of these are applicable to you but no further ado let’s get into the video the first one I want to talk about is b2b lead generation specialist the company is called expert business development who has an opening position for this right now but if you just want to do jobs that are b2b lead generation in general then keep that in the back of your mind when you are searching for remote positions this could be a really great option for you so the reason why I picked this position in particular it’s because it’s part-time and if you are older and retired you don’t really want a full-time job this could be great so it’s a part-time contractor job where you’re gonna be making outbound calls you’re gonna be setting up appointments and following up on leads you’re also gonna be managing and studying that prospects data for your clients on their website it does say a college degree is preferred but it’s not required and they would prefer that you have b2b experience this position is a hundred percent remote and they pay eighteen twenty five an hour plus bonuses so it’s pretty good those bonuses with all that included you could be making between eighteen twenty five an hour to twenty seven dollars an hour so this position it is very lucrative my next option if you are up an age and once the middle more relaxed it’s becoming a staff writer what you’ll be doing is researching and pitching story ideas based on their customers marketing strategies you’ll also be interviewing experts and thought leaders in the community you’ll be writing stories editing stories and keeping an update with client communication they would like you to have some experience writing with some publications so if you have some experience that would be awesome this position is a hundred percent remote and they have great benefits if this position in particular is not something you’re interested in I made a video actually right here about lots of jobs you can do as a freelance writer so if you are interested in becoming a writer or you have experience writing and editing proofreading translating things like that this video is a really great video just to get a ton of different websites where you can submit freelance articles to different websites and get paid for as a freelancer so you can work as much or as little as you want my next position is settlement specialist within this role you will be responsible for reviewing loan approvals and condition to validate completeness and accuracy in preparation of closing documents in compliance with state and federal requirements so essentially when there’s a borrower and a loan process you’re gonna be just making sure that everything is where it needs to be everything is correct in this position so all you need is a high school diploma or a GED but they do prefer you have at least two years experience in closing mortgages loans this kind of position because with that you ha you’re aware of the jargon you’re aware of the process and makes training a lot easier for you this is a highly technical position and you do need a strong attention to detail so if that’s you then this might be a great position for you it doesn’t say how much this position pays but according to Glassdoor they are paying higher than industry standards my next position is becoming a recruiter finding other people great jobs so a company that I’m gonna be doing right now is a smile dot i/o they are a really popular recruiting company in the United States so smile IO is looking for passionate individuals that have a passion for their clients to help them find a job so literally what I’m doing all the time is technically recruiting but you can actually get paid for it so having a passion to help other people better their lives and find a job is something that motivates you then this can be really great for you actually I removed another company called reload here and that’s finding and that’s a really high-paying recruiting position where it’s completely freelance completely contract work but if you can find people in the medical field that qualified for these positions you can get paid a lot of money my next position is an inside sales support agent Callisto is the company I’m reviewing and Callisto is looking for a seasoned sales agent that I can join their team they’re looking for a highly motivated person and that can it nurture their leads get leads follow up on leads and be able to close the deal etc they would like this person to be experienced in sales so somebody who has at least been in the sales sphere at some point in your life and if you’ve worked for most come most companies you’re gonna have some sales experience in general but they would like somebody who has fair is fairly knowledgeable in the sales sales sphere so since they are a marketing company they would like you to have that some knowledge of marketing selling software tools and be somewhat familiar with Salesforce and HubSpot and I work with HubSpot and my company and it’s honestly not that hard so you can learn it probably within a few days they do not mention on their site how much they pay but they do see they could be offering a competitive salary my next position is a helpdesk student service advisor at Independence University so honestly I’ve never heard of this University before and in support of this the help desk student service advisor is responsible for answering helpdesk phone lines to ensure student questions regarding any area of their student experience are answered accurately professionally and promptly and record all interactions in the company’s database so as a student I have called many times to my school about financial aid about my classes about where I’m supposed to be and a lot of times they don’t know what’s going on you also don’t need to know what’s going on all you need to be able to do is get this person to the right person who does know what’s going on so yes okay those are all my positions for people that are over the age of 50 baby boomers etc but I’m gonna do a little bit more for you if none of these work for you you don’t like any of them no one knows what jobs are best for you other than you so I’m gonna show you exactly how I find some of these positions and you can do it too so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to new Google go to indeed comp okay once you have indeed comm where it says where instead of entering your city state or zip code you’re gonna type in remote and then you’re gonna click find jobs these are gonna be all the jobs that you do not need any kind of location you can work from home some of these positions you’re still gonna have to be in that state at least to be able to do like on-the-job training things like that but a lot of these companies doesn’t matter you just have to be have a computer with a good internet connection and that’s it so you can scroll through here be an online English teacher I’ve always recommended on my channel there are so many companies that where you can teach online English and all you need to do is be a native speaker have a good understanding of English and really that’s pretty much about it some of them require you to have a TEFL certification but a lot of them you do not so you can scroll through all these positions oh look this is one of the jobs I found on this video but yeah you can look through here administrative assistant every day these are gonna be different so you can just scroll through see what you like are you tech savvy or you not oh look another one or oh wait this was from a different place but a student service advisor maybe that’s interesting for you crazy sexy wellness community manager like if you have management experience and you’re already retired but you want to do something a little extra why not do it remote alright so anyways that’s all I have for you guys today thanks so much for watching this video don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video bye guys!

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