Best Work From Home Jobs For Stay At Home Moms & Dads In 2020

These are the best work from home jobs for when your kids are at home. They offer you a lot of flexibility and freedom to have children around while you work.

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4 Best Jobs For Moms And Dads
1, Email/Chat jobs
2. Typing Data Entry/Transcribing jobs
Data Entry
3. Mystery Phone Shopper
Call Center Q&A
Yardi Matrix
4. Customer Service

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Data Entry, Typing Jobs (Beginners)

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Oh hi guys this is melissa from melissa at home hands i’m back with another video so welcome and thank you for joining me today due to recent events we are now home bound hands for many parents that means that you have your kids at home with you i know you guys are doing a lot of bonding right so i wanted to share some resources regarding the jobs that you can do while you are home with your kids work from home job first stay-at-home parents that includes moms and dads now the work from home jobs I’m going to share are some of the best because they offer flexibility you can choose your schedule and some of the work from home jobs are non phone work jobs which works great for parents with active children around right so I’m just gonna go over some information in majority of these jobs are found on my websites so I will be scrolling around on my website but I will highlight some of the companies and I’ll post them below this video as well so you guys can get immediate access to the jobs so the first company want to bring to your attention for work from home opportunities doing chats online is coming from site staff chat com this company hires chat agent every now and then to do some customer service work and you basically be helping customers on websites – maybe shop for products or – a system with different services by answering their questions you may be asked to provide some tech support and so forth but even though they’re not currently hiring at this time of this video they are still accepting applications so I would definitely you know submit your application and in the future when they do have a position available they may contact you for an interview okay while we’re not currently hiring we’re always accepting applications for true service minded professionals that feel the way they communicate with people makes a difference in their lives and you can go ahead and click on where it says view qualifications to find out more about their chat hosting kisses shop is another great company that you definitely want to consider they from time to time have remote position for live chat age you may notice there are various positions open in different regions if you are based in the UK and wish to work remotely please be sure to apply only for a UK based remote position so you can go ahead and check out the decisions that they have available in different locations that have positions in the United Kingdom and they also have some positions available in the US as well you can scroll to see which state they are currently hiring for their position home job that you can look into as a parent with children at home is doing some typing positions if you can type between let’s say 30 words per minute to about 80 words per minute then you can find some really great typing positions and data entry as well as transcription so right now you’re looking at my website and I have a list of companies that hire for data entry typing position the word points is a translation company to hire translators editors and those who work within specifics fairs they also offer some typing gigs as well this company offers flexible working schedule and you must provide quality work so you can check out this company I’ll post a link below this video as well as link to my list of data entry typing positions as well another great opportunity you can do from home as a parent is doing some mystery shopping by phone there’s also mystery shopping opportunities to do on sites but of course right now we’re looking at mystery shopping jobs by phone and I have a list of companies to hire you to do some mystery phone shopping call center Q&A is one of those companies they’re very well known and very popular for this company you will act more as an auditor versus a customer contact you will simply listen in on recorded calls and write down your feedback the typical pay for mystery phone shopping opportunities is between three to like twelve dollars per call and will cost some to Q&A the pay is five dollars per call completed so you will be able to make some extra cash right you can work for multiple companies so you’re not just obligated to work for one company only okay so you can spread yourself out it work for multiple nice so again I have a list of different companies to hire for mystery phone shopping so you want to go through them are yardie matrix is a great company you want to look into they were formerly known as peer salesmen this company hires on a seasonal basis you’ll be calling rental properties as a telephone mystery shopper and people who have worked for erd matrix have been reported to make ten to eleven dollars an hour this may be the amounts for the agents that have been with them on a long term basis ERD matrix is great because you can be on the phone and they encourage you to have background noises while you’re on the phone okay so you’ll just be calling different apartments and you’ll be acting as if you are interested in you know renting an apartment and you’re just collecting information and so forth so they encourage you to have background noises so that it appears to be natural and you notes so that it does not look like you’re a mystery shopper right so yardie matrix is definitely company company you want to look into they were hiring earlier in the season I believe a month or so ago so I’m not sure if they’re still available but I’ll post the links to them below this video so again mystery shopping opportunities is great for parents because again it offers you lots of flexibility and it’s another work from home that you can do is you know customer service customer service jobs are plenteous okay there’s so many positions that our customer service base so you can definitely find work from home jobs in customer service so again you’re where on my website and I posted five high paying part-time night jobs you can do from home and the lists include different companies that are well-known for hiring you know in customer service area I wanted to include customer service because there are companies that will allow you to choose your schedule and to choose when you want to work so you can work when your children are asleep or when your significant other is taking care of them or watching them for you you can you know take that time to get on the phone and start making calls and assisting customers and earning money okay so these companies offer you that flexibility some of the companies do require you to have a landline phone so if you do not have a landline phone you could just skip those companies and go to the ones that only require you to have a USB headset a USB headset is directly connected to your computer and you could take calls through your USB headset without a landline phone okay and the best USB headset are the ones that have noise cancellation on them I’ll post a link to suggested USB headset that you should get and where you can purchase them for very little cost okay they’re not expensive at all so these are companies like neck strap allarakha arise these companies offer customer service positions that are like you can work at nighttime some of them allow you to choose your own schedule I also have put together a huge list of night jobs that you can do from home this list includes 50 flexible work at home jobs for those who prefer to work at night so even if you’re a parent you may find some opportunities on this list as well because they offer you flexible a flexible schedule so you can work around your children they are categorized in micro jobs you can find companies that would like to do some micro jobs online customer service phone jobs that you can do that I mentioned chat support jobs from different companies that are listed search engine evaluation jobs you could do data entry online moderating jobs mystery phone shopping jobs that I mentioned so everything you need this is a one-stop shop so a lot of companies and opportunities that are available to you as a parents who are looking to work from home with your kids okay so hopefully this video helps you all outs and again visit melissa at home comm for more information and resources as well as work from home opportunities that are hiring and make sure you are subscribed to this channel and that you hit the bell icon so that you are notified of new video uploads as they come in so that you do not miss any work from home job opportunities that may be suited for you so thank you so much for watching please share this video in this information love you guys stay safe and i’ll see you in my next video bye bye.

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