5 Part-Time Work-From-Home Typing Jobs with No Fees $10-$30 Hour

Here are 5 part-time work-from-home typing jobs with no fees paying $10-$30 per hour. Go to https://selfmadesuccess.com for video notes, related content, tips, and helpful resources mentioned.

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Hey guys in this video i’m going to show you where you can get some work from home typing jobs that are part-time and don’t require a bunch of fees just to apply so one is capital typing.com this is a place where you can do typing transcription and writing related jobs you can find their job session by going to the top right next to contact us and clicking that right there and you’ll notice that right now they have transcriptionist and content writing jobs so if you click on one of these like the transcriptionist job for instance you will basically just listen to audio and type out what you hear into text so flexible hours competitive salary full or part time available and basically they don’t they don’t have a whole lot of requirements here but they tell you that you do need to use correct punctuation obviously you’ll need to be able to type fast usually for these types of jobs and you can test your typing speed for free at typingtest.com just click the orange button right there and it’ll tell you your word permit typing speed and accuracy and usually you will need about 50 words per minute or so within the 90s or at least 95 accuracy to get accepted to these types of websites so check capital typing that’s one place that usually has a few jobs related to just typing or writing another one to check is called crowdsurf you can go to crowdsurfwork.com to check out the website and they have international as well as jobs in the us and canada so if you click on say the u.s and canada it’ll end up on a page that looks like this and they’ll tell you what they’re seeking if they are currently hiring which they are right now they are looking for media and audio transcription review workers and as far as being able to work from home that is allowed you get paid by completing each individual project instead of just working a set amount of hours all the time and so you usually have a more flexible schedule this way you need to be detail-oriented speak read and write in english again they will have international jobs as well i’m just showing you what what it looks like for people in the us and canada obviously you need good english spelling punctuation and grammar and proofreading and editing skills things like that you will need internet connection basic typing skills are needed great listening skills again you listen to audio and type out what you hear and then it pay the pay depends on level of proficiency and amount of work completed work ranges from 5 seconds to 30 seconds for each audio clip so these are pretty short clips and again if you’re looking for something part time is a great way to go because the clips are much shorter than the ones you would work on on some other sites payment ranges from 3 cents to 20 cents per media minute plus additional bonus rates so you can kind of figure that per audio hour and it can pay out pretty well as long as you are quick and so what you want to do is go to the top right and click join as an individual another one to check out is called 3playmedia.com this is another one where they have uh captioning transcription translation related work depending on what’s hiring at the time you can apply for a lot of different things but you can go to jobs at the top right next to contact us and support and you’ll end up on this page here make sure you go transcript editor jobs uh the ones in boston of course will be in office and then they have right now english and spanish transcriptionist jobs available so what you are required to have is excellent written and communication skills excellent command of english grammar and punctuation proficiency with internet research and reference resources and things like that so if you click apply to be an english 3play transcriptionist you end up on a page that looks like this and you just click start and go through the process so a few perks here you get paid a weekly paycheck you choose when you want to work weekdays weekends however you want to do your schedule you choose what types of files you work on they’ll show you some pictures of some of their editors and things like that and a little bit about them and then they are known for paying between 10 and 30 dollars per hour so it can range a little bit but still pretty good considering what you’re doing so again 3playmedia.com is another great place to check for transcription typing jobs you also have babeltype.com this is one where they also do market research transcription so there’s a lot of different types of transcription you have medical you have legal you have a lot of different types so this one is more market research related and so if you’re interested in that go to babeltype.com and at the very bottom you can go under contact and says apply for work it’ll be in the bottom right of the page so you’ll end up on a page that looks like this scroll down a little bit and then it will tell you whether or not they’re accepting new applications which looks like right now they aren’t but they probably will in the near future they usually have uh work available just depends on the type of year that you check but as far as details 10 to 15 dollars per hour or so via paypal and you’re doing weekly pay for market research transcription so this is just one to kind of bookmark and check in the future and then last but not least you have smith.ai this is a place where you can get a couple different types of work from home jobs one is involved with being on the phone and taking calls the other one is more like chat type work so if you go to the bottom under company at the bottom right of their website says careers it’ll say hiring now if they are in fact hiring and you’ll be a virtual receptionist so they use two different jobs in the same same application page which is kind of weird but that’s just how they do it because most of the qualifications and everything are the same but they have one that involves being on the phone and one that involves doing basically texting customers back and forth via web chat so that pretty much applies as a typing job that’s why i kind of saved it for the end here because i know some of you might be interested maybe not but either way you don’t have to be on the phone if you do the web chat related job so you have answering calls and or web chats again you can apply for one or the other on the same page you can work uh part-time jobs usually two to five hours at a time and then you can get paid about 10 to 11 dollars per hour and you need a great work ethic of course prior receptionist or call answering experience or some sort of customer support type experience being able to follow instructions clearly summarize details multi-task good positive attitude things like that strong typing skills at minimum 40 words per minute with 100 accuracy they also give you another website you can use to test your typing speed obviously your internet connection will be very important for this type of work make sure it’s at least 10 mbps download and 3 mbps upload and they also have some benefits as well which is nice a lot of times part-time typing jobs don’t have benefits but they actually give you medical dental and vision insurance retirement plans cash bonuses and paid training so again 10 to 11 per hour you get that 11 if you are bilingual but either way you will be communicating but you’re literally just typing all day because you’re you’re pretty much texting back and forth with people as a virtual chat web receptionist so you can apply now by clicking the button there again make sure you go for the chat site otherwise you’ll be expected to be on the phone i also recommend you look up these websites and you know read about what’s like to work for them so that you know what you’re getting into like smith.ai has a page at glassdoor.com for instance they have 46 reviews with a 4.7 out of 5 star rating three-point media is another example 88 reviews at glassdoor.com with a 3.4 out of 5 star rating so it shows you what it’s like to actually work there when it was founded more information about the company and you can read different positive and negative uh you know reviews from people who have actually worked there doing what you would be doing so other than that hopefully this was helpful those are a few different work from home typing jobs you can get go to selfmadesuccess.com for links to these websites more information and show notes as well as related content to this and click the video in the top right for more typing jobs and other work from home jobs so other than that i’ll see you in the next video.

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