5 Best Websites With Data Entry Work At Home Jobs

The Best Work From Home Companies That Provide Typing Jobs in Data Entry
Data Entry Typing Jobs
1.Capital Typing
3.Smart Crowd
4.Speakwrite (transcription/typing)

More Data Entry Jobs

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This is melissa from Alyssia at home and welcome back to another video in this video i’m going to be sharing some of the best companies that hire for data online data entry work and these companies will allow you to you know get started if you are a beginner if it’s your first time working from home keep in mind that even though these companies may hire beginners and first-timers that just basically means that you do not have working experience meaning that you haven’t worked for a specific company in the past so that’s basically what that means but you still are required to have you know some skills like typing skills so if you can type really well then data entry work or a transcription work or any type of type paying positions online will be a great fit for you also if you can type very fast and accurately and very precise then these are great opportunities for you some of these companies will give you an assessment or some type of test in the process in the application process just to see where you are where your skills are and just to test to see how fast you type how accurate you type and so forth and how well you can pay attention to details ok so just keep that in mind and I’m going to be uploading another video and in that video I’m going to share companies a higher specifically for transcription work also keep in mind that you’re not going to make like full-time income like 1020 dollars an hour doing data entry work online with these companies they are legit and they do provide data entry work but they pay like extra cash type payments okay it’s more like micro job doing online tasks and yes some of these companies do pay via PayPal so just keep that in mind as I go over the companies with you in a remainder of this video with that said let’s get started now the first company that would be great for those who are beginners is coming from capital typing capital typing hired transcriptionists and as I mentioned transcription along with data entry is kind of the same thing so you will find a lot more companies that will have our positions that are titled transcription but ultimately it is the same type of work that you will be doing basically entering and typing data with capital typing they have full time as well as part-time positions available and they do offer flexible hours competitive salary full-time and part-time positions again and to apply is very simple you send a cover letter a test transcript sample which we’ll go over and it’s just a second and salary requirements two jobs at Capital typing comm be sure to include Skype details so you have to have Skype all attachments should be Word documents now in terms of the test instructions you would have to type out the content of the audio file located at the following link so you’d have to click on this link and to begin the testing the typing test anything you are not 100% sure of add a tag with a timestamp make sure the transcript is word-for-word accurate use correct punctuation do not change anything or add anything to what is said just type what you hear word-for-word and once you are finished testing taking the test and you have your cover letter as well as their salary requirements then you can go ahead and apply don’t click on the apply button right here just follow the instructions to apply up here where it says you have to send everything to jobs at capital typing komm okay so that’s coming from Capitol typing the next company that you also want to look into is micro workers your micro workers allow you to earn by offering micro jobs online okay so they have various jobs and tasks that you can do online and some of them also include doing typing jobs such as data entry along with transcription work so you can scroll through their website and you can get an understanding of what type of job that they offer they have multiple positions and you know various things that you can do on this website to earn additional income okay so you can be a Content moderator you could take surveys search do search to earn income transcription work right here you can click on that to learn more about their transcription positions and scroll down and you will see all the different things that you can do that pertains to a transcription work as well as typing so definitely great sites to check out they have multiple positions and different tasks that you can take advantage of to earn additional income and it’s free to register with them you just click on a register and fill out the information to get started the next company that you should look into is coming from a lion bridge you can join their smart crowd or from home and with line bridge smart crowd you can do various tasks again which include transcription as well as typing jobs so it’s great for those who are beginners and just getting started so with line bridge smart crowd they have been providing work from home opportunities to individuals around the world for over 20 years they offer flexible working hours while working from home their clients are some of the largest and most exciting companies in the world and they need your help to make their products and services better to start the process simply click on join now and provide some basic information to be included in their database to be considered for work choosing to complete the optional placement evaluations will increase your chances of being offered or it okay so they have their own process and assess that you would go through in order to get started and working with them and this is a free site they do they do not charge you anything to join and to get started and working and again they have multiple positions that you could take advantage of such as typing data entry in transcription work the next company that you also want to look in soon is speak rights speakwrite is currently hiring for transcription work are currently hiring for remote transcriptionists with experience in legal general and spanish transcription now would speak right they do provide transcription work and typing opportunities and right now they’re looking for an experienced remote transcriptionists but every now and then they have positions available for beginners but definitely a company that you want to keep tabs on so you can click on where it says job requirements so that you can get an understanding of what it is that is required of you so experience required is typing skills of 60 words per minute average typing speed with 90% accuracy applicants must pass a typing test with a minimum speed of 60 words per minute with 90% accuracy for your application to be considered before you apply take a free typing test and they have a link to a free typing test that you can take to you know test your your speed residency you must be legal resident of the US or Canada language you must be fluent in English and possess a strong working knowledge of English grammar spelling and punctuation the work experience you must be proficient in Microsoft Word 2007 or newer including advanced formatting features you must possess excellent listening skills and comfortable working independently notice that with their working experience they only require you to have some knowledge of Word Microsoft Word and have a listening skills as well as working independently that’s all it’s required of you in terms of experience so these are basic things that they are looking for they’re not necessarily looking for you to have quote unquote working experience meaning having experience in working for typing industries so again you just have to have basic skills and you can read further if you’re interested in being illegal typist a general typists or Spanish tightness then you can go over all the information that pertains to those positions and on the right you also want to make sure that you read the equipment that is required and I post a link below my video in the description section to equipment suggestions and where you can purchase equipment to get started it would speak right you can earn an average of four hundred fifty dollars per month working part-time and two three thousand dollars working full-time the next company quickly is quick teets quick teeth offers typing and analyzing files positions with quick Tait you’ll be transcribing voicemail messages memos letters legal files medical files recordings of phone calls conference calls and other audio files so again you can go over that all the requirements is pretty much similar to all the other company’s requirements and you are considered an independent contractor you can select your own hours that you want to work and you can work as few hours or as many hours that you like they are open 24 hours a day seven days a week so you can choose your own hours this is very flexible type of position so you can go over this information on your own time again guys I want to save some time on this video and if everything looks great and you are interested in this company working for this company then you can fill out the information that they have right here to get started so of those are the companies that I want to share with you in terms of getting started and typing and data entry and transcription to work working from home they offer flexible schedule and you can earn as much as you like well thank you so much for joining me on another video I’ll try to share some more typing companies with you in another video thank you so much for subscribing happy work from home.

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