10 Work at Home Jobs that Pay $100/Day or More! 2020 And Beyond

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***Please do not email me about medical billing or any of these jobs. Unfortunately I don’t have any resources to point you to other than the ones listed below and the internet of course! So sorry, but best of luck on your journey!

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Today I’m sharing a highly requested video of how you can make $100 a day or more working from home! You guys seemed to love the last video where I talked about the highest paying work from home jobs so I thought I would add another one with job ideas that you have personally done or ones that I didn’t mention last time!

Want to create your dream life with YouTube? Check out my FREE YouTube Success Workbook here! http://bit.ly/2H43I8B

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so if you’re new to my channel my name is Haley and I talk all about how to make money online I am also a mommy blogger so I like to blog my life in Southern California with my husband and two little girls and I’m also doing a new series on my channel about how I particularly make money online and also how I make money with YouTube so if any of those topics interest you guys go ahead and click the subscribe button below like this video if you like it and let’s get on with the video so today’s video I’m gonna be talking about ten different ways you guys can make $100 or more a day work from home jobs that I’ve either personally have experience with or that I know someone else that has I have personally worked from a home either for myself or for someone else for pretty much of the past I think 5 actually no I think 6 or 7 years it’s been a very long time I love working from home I even like working from home for someone else like I don’t necessarily have to be self-employed to like it I have had different jobs and I’ve made money at different ways so you guys told me on my last video what things you guys do to work from homes and they’re all actually recommendations from my subscribers that work from home so I may simply put them into a big list and that’s what I’m sharing with you guys today so the first thing that I did not mention is being a medical biller or coder so this particular job was definitely one of my most reference one in my last video and you definitely do not need a four-year degree you can actually get a certificate online to be qualified for the job so medical coding is basically like a translation so you take something that’s written one way like a prescription or doctor’s diagnosis and you basically translate it as accurate as you can into a alphanumeric code so if you guys work in the medical field you’ll already know what my mom is actually explained this to me before she’s a nurse for every little thing in the hospital like every injury every diagnosis or every procedure there’s basically a code and all of these codes have to be documented just that the billing process goes a lot smoother in the healthcare field so if you’re interested in that I’ll go ahead and leave below some resources that is a great one I’ve actually had a friend do it and she makes a ton of money working from home doing that so a personal experience through someone else with it so this is definitely a legit way the next way you guys can make $100 or more as being a social media coordinator so I know I mentioned this one in my last video but I want to be a little bit more specific so I actually we have been looking into hiring someone to manage my social accounts so you don’t actually have to manage social accounts for like large companies you can actually be an assistant to someone that has an online influencer in 2019 there are so many more influencers and there ever has been before and I personally obviously am influencer myself and I know a lot of other people in like the mommy beauty fashion realm and you guys maybe not know this but all of the women that I know online pretty much all of them they actually do have assistants or someone that either helps edit their videos someone that goes through their emails managers that help manage their contracts or someone that just simply posts on social media for them and helps respond to comments on their YouTube channel or on their Instagram these particular influencers don’t have large followings they don’t have you know millions of subscribers but this is their full-time job and they’re either moms that just don’t have enough time because social media takes up hours on hours a day and multiple hours a week to keep up with so I personally actually don’t have someone that I’ve never hired anyone to do this but I feel like it’s a great idea and if I was you know younger or if I needed a job on the side I would definitely look into being someone that helps an influencer manage all their accounts the third way that you guys can make $100 a day or more as being a copywriters I actually used to be someone that writes copy for a skincare brand a long time ago I wrote their entire website pretty much and I actually found the person that hired me off of Craigslist so seriously do not just count certain sites that you may find sketchy at times because I found pretty much all of my online jobs from either Craigslist or indeed so I believe a list of all of the you know credible places for me personally that I have used are down below in the description box to where you guys can check out online jobs being a copywriter is something that is pretty I mean there are different levels of copywriting you know there are some people that are very skilled and that charge an arm and a leg for a copywriting because they are talented writers but someone like me that just has like a college degree and as a decent writer not everyone needs a super skilled copywriter so definitely don’t discount yourself if you feel like you’re not the best writer in the world sometimes we’ll just need coffee for like the About section of a website so definitely look that up because that is a great one as well along with that one number four is editing and proofreading and this is something that I have done in the past personally for the same skin care company this is kind of self-explanatory I have also translated videos before which is like a huge one online and that is an easy one as well the next way you guys can make money online is selling online courses there has been online courses since like the infomercial days but nowadays I feel like I’m seeing that more and more I actually have personally purchased an Amazon course and also a YouTube course about like how to grow a YouTube audience how to make money with YouTube so I have purchased a couple courses that were actually pretty expensive and that is why I wanted to tell you guys about it I just feel like online courses are great way to make money nowadays because most people are knowledgeable in one thing or the other with their life they’re either a great cook they’re a great artist they know how to speak English you can even teach courses on how to speak your own language it’s insane so the opportunities are endless with online courses you don’t need a degree necessarily to teach them online you actually Coast them through a few different platforms like there’s one really popular one called teachable and it walks you through exactly how to build like either a video course or a written course and you can obviously like target people through Facebook ads which are very affordable nowadays for people with not a huge budget number six is online tutoring now I haven’t done online tutoring personally I’ve tutored in person to like high school kids my mom actually hired an online tutor for 40 dollars an hour which is crazy but she was actually getting her master’s in nursing and she wanted someone very credible so you can’t make a great amount of money with online tutoring from the comfort of your own home if you have a degree in anything and not even if you have a degree you can tutor people in any kind of skill next one is being a virtual assistant virtual assistants are amazing because you don’t have to have a huge amount of skills to like be a successful one I know that there are highly skilled virtual assistants so I hesitate in saying that but the reason why I say that you don’t have to be highly skilled is because you can work your way up and don’t think that just because you’ve never done it you never can do it just try and build your portfolio as best you can Virtual Assistants basically do an array of things they manage emails they manage calendars they book appointments so you don’t have to be like at the top of your game to be a virtual assistant but obviously their pay range is super wide so you can definitely work your way up I kind of already mentioned number eight the being a translator is very easy now that YouTube is so big there are a ton of job opportunities especially I’ve seen them on Fiverr to translate videos you can even do it for like 20 bucks an hour I’ve seen so that’s a great one the next one is kind of random it’s not a particular job but I wanted to talk to you guys about it because I actually just recently found it and it intrigued me so much it’s basically jobs through Amazon and it’s called Amazon Mechanical Turk which actually don’t know what it stands for but it’s basically a crowdsourcing marketplace that basically makes it easier for businesses to find people to do jobs virtually so that is a great source there are a ton of different jobs on there and it’s basically a 24/7 on-demand workforce so that one is definitely worth checking out so the very last way you guys can make a hundred dollars a day or more as being a search engine evaluator so depending on how many websites you actually evaluate obviously depends on how much money you make I’ve actually had personal experience like evaluating a website before I did for a hot minute in college I made a decent amount of money but I know that you could definitely grow like the more jobs you do and the more money you make if you don’t know what it is it’s basically a way for businesses to test their websites on just like regular people so you basically would go through a website at your home at your leisure you take a quiz it can either be a really short or a very long in-depth quiz about how the website flow is is it load fast and things of that nature so that’s a great way as well that is pretty much it for today’s video don’t forget to like this video if you like it I’ll go ahead and also leave below the last video if you guys want to know more ways to make money from home subscribe if you are new and I will also leave below all the resources if you guys want to check them out thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next one bye guys.

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